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Need Help Please .....pain In Both Hips At Night .


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So here I am again up at 5 am , I've been up since about 2 am because of the pain :blink:

I have problems sleeping all the time , but when this hips pain starts , which is just about every single night I cannot lay in bed anymore.

My hubby has likened me to some demented spinning top when it kicks in because I cannot lay still and roll from one hip to another .............but in slow motion and with great effort , a lot of pulling on my bed rail , slight quiet under the breath swearing and a lot of ouch, ahhhhhhhhh and grunting .

I take oxycontin at night at 40-50 mg but feel this is much to low a does as its not having any effect at all now.

I start to lay in bed on my back to watch the TV which is fine , in fact if I lay on my back when awake I dont get any pain at all , yet when hubby comes to bed and I feel I might be able to sleep I have to lay on my side ( either one ) as I've found strangely enough if I fall to sleep on my back I wake up with the most painful low back ache going and I'm as stiff as a board.

So I lay on my right side and about 15-20 mins having just gone to sleep by then , the pain comes in to this hip and is running down that leg ............followed by about 10 mins later by the other side .

So I roll onto my left hip , becuase the leg pain is bad on the right side and 10-15 mins later the pain is in the right hip and in the leg :P .

It seems that which ever hip I lay on the pain starts there then runs down my leg , followed by it then radiates across to the other hip , as soon as I turn over it does exactly the same again ............so I'm going from hip to hip sleeping every 10 mins or so until I'm in so much pain and hubby's going crazy because I'm rolling around the bed trying to get some pain relief .

I cannot possibly lay on my back because I wake up with pain there and my front is also out of the question because I cannot get breath laying face down .

I've tried dong the recovery position .........but this sends pain down both legs and across both hips at once :)

Has anyone , anywhere got any suggestions as to what to do ????.

My own doctor doesn't know how to help , the hospital consultants are useless they suggest pillows ..............which is about as much use as a finger in a burst dam :blink:

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired today , I haven't had sleep for about 10-14 days for more than a couple of hours now ( day time ) and I'm not sure just how much longer I can go on without some reasonable sleep before I fall down in a heap , I also feel very low at the minute which is not me at all , as you all well know , so I'm thinking its this sleep deprivation thats doing this along with the constant pain.

I can manage the hip/leg / arm/hand / fingers and every other pain daytime, its just this constant lack of sleep with the constant pain thats really getting to me at this time guys.

Ami ..............miserable , tired , sore, stiff and trying to keep her eyes open while typing this . :(

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I can't lie on my side for any length of time because of hip pain. I sleep on my back with pillows under my legs to relieve back pain. I vary the number of pillows and their placement. Righ now, I usually have two thick pillows under my thighs and a feather pillow under my feet.

My hip pain is from eds laxity-- my hips dislocate. My back is from bad discs.

Whenever I try to sleep on my side, I regret it afterwards.

I know some people with hip pain find relief sleeping in a recliner, as it keeps them from rolling over on to their side-- though that would mean sleeping unaccompanied.

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So sorry to hear about your side sleeping pain.

I had similar problems with the pain and burning in my hip and leg when sleeping on my side.

Recently I got a Select Comfort mattress. My number is 40, which is softer than my previous bed. I sleep much better - no more burning in my hips and legs when I sleep on my side.


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I had trouble finding comfortable positions in which to sleep. I can't lie on my back as it causes my reveal device to press up through the scar on my chest wall which is really painful. Sleeping on my front with my arms above my head is comfortable but I wake after about 30mins with dead arms / pins and needles so that isn't really an option either.

Sleeping on my side used to give me pain in by lumbar spine, hips and knees from the twisted position that you end up in. I have solved most of my problems by

1) buying a foam mattress topper (Ikea ?50) which softens my otherwise very firm bed.

2) buying a giant "body pillow" 1.5" x 5" (Dunelm Mill ?15).

By sleeping on my side in the recovery position but with my top leg curled on the body pillow and hugging the body pillow with both arms I seem to sleep quite well. I find that this is a position that doesn't cause any of my joints to be twisted out of their natural alignment. I often end up with my head on the body pillow too. If you want to roll over you have to wake up enough to drag the body pillow over to your other side but then I get another few hours sleep.

It does sound like your pain is much more severe than mine was but it may be worth trying a body pillow. I found that several ordinary pillows were no good as they always moved and were never the correct height to support me.

((((((HUGS)))))) and here's to wishing you a better night's sleep asap,


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Thank you all for your replies and help , I'm not having a good day here at the minute as just been given glasses to wear all the time now :( I thought everything was a bit blurred at times, and I haven't been able to read the c-fax on my TV at night . :blink:

I haven't been able to get even an hours rest this afternoon so tonight I'm thinking of 'knocking the old girl out cold' :huh: I am allowed by my doctor to mix and match a number of drugs to do this ( with reason that is ) so I know my limits of what to take , its either 7.5 mg of zopiclone, 20 mg of diazepam or whack a morphine patch on and be away with the fairies for 3 days ......... still hoping that one of these this will work.

Tired is an understatement and of course with the excessive tiredness I've now got even more pain all over , and I keep walking into things , dropping things, miss judging the distance when putting cups or plates down , oh , boy do I need sleep .


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Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I get sever joint pain when given solumedrol. The only thing that has helped me was a sleep aid - Ambien. I was able to get about 3 hours of sleep and it made it a bit more bearable. Pain killers did not touch my pain because it is due to steroid neuropathy.

I don't know if this will work for you, but it does help me.

Wishing you less pain.


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ami -

i don't have any great wisdom to add but just wanted to send my empathy your way. i don't struggle with the constancy of pain that you do and still know how horribly pain can wreck with my sleep.

i hope you get some relief sooner than later,

:huh: melissa

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Guest tearose

Pain only makes a person more tired! I hope you will find a way to sleep tonight. The only thing that comes to mind is maybe could you put a pillow under your spine tonight so maybe you could "float" your hips off the mattress and not have such severe pain?

take care, tearose

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Well , before I even had a chance to try my knock em out cold tablets .................my dear old body gave in . <_<

I went to go into the bathroom and suddenly felt sick, down on my knees over the loo ( as you do ) then ..................hubby was picking me up from the bathroom floor , dont know how long I was out , couldnt walk so had to be half dragged /half carried by hubby and son to bed .

Kept being sick into a bucket for about another 3/4 hour ( how delightful for all) then .............out cold for 14 hours .

I woke up at about 9 pm last night dying of thrust and manged to sip down a cup of juice then .............out cold again ...............woke up at 4 am this morning and drunk another cup of juice .

I'm OK now sweating , and very tired , but my husband said he could see it coming on the morning I was writing on here ( the 21st I think it was ) he said by lunchtime I had the grey /yellow look about my face and he thought 'oh, dear , here we go again another bad session for her ' and was just waiting . He heard me go into the bathroom and start to be sick , so he want to get some water and a towel only when he came to the bathroom door it was stuck , so he called me .........no reply ..........so he forced the door open and found me looking like a sheet of paper on the floor.

Never mind , another episode over , until the next .


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I get the exact same thing. My pelvis is misaligned because of EDS, and nerves get trapped etc I sleep on my stomach which stops it happening but halfway through the night I need to sleep on my side due to sinus probs. I use a very soft bed with lots of give in the spring tension so there's less pressure. Don't get a memory foam bed they actually make it worse as they cradle you so you dont move which makes you stiffer and more pain plus the foam is hard even though it 'gives' I was in agony after laying on one for only an hour. I put a feather and down mattress topper on the bed too.

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Oh Ami - I'm so sorry to hear what happened :blink:

I guess your body just couldn't cope without sleep any longer and forced you to lie down? Why your body has to make you vomit though - it jut seems so unfair! I hope that all that 'being out of it' allowed you to rest and recover a bit, pity there wasn't a less dramatic way for you to get some sleep.

How are you doing now? Hopefully a bit better than last week,


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I don't have EDS, but I sure have the pain. if it's not my hips, it's my shoulders, and i can't sleep on my back. never have been able to. My pace maker juts out and hurts my shoulder, both shoulders are bad, and i have no idea what's up with my hips.

I bought one of those memory foam tops...2 inch one and it helps sometimes and sometimes not. i don't have or take any pain meds, so don't know about that. Just want you to know i am sorry, i do understand, as I wake up all night trying to get into a better less painful position, but am constantly rolling onto my sides in my sleep, and so wake up....I think, even though tempurpedic or number beds are expensive, they may be worth it, if they help......

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