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Visit To My Neurosurgeon


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Call whine11,I know I am whining,but give me a break! I'm so frustrated,I was there for over 2 hrs.,I could barely sit up I was so dizzy and nauseated. I was trying to explain how hard it was just for me to get there,she says "you look and seem like the same old you"referring to me before POTS. What am I supposed to look like? Thanks for listening and letting me vent . P S any suggestions to help get you thru the physical part of all these dr. appts. I am such a mess! P

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Guest tearose

It is good to get the frustration out!

Why not whine?

As long as I have had to deal with Pots, I still, like you, have times when I suddenly feel small after a doctor is not validating. We shouldn't let these comments get to us, but sometimes we just can't move past them as fast as others.

Please let it go! We do understand and care.

As far as how to manage the wait...bring some diversion like an ipod, or some word puzzles...a pillow...you can always decide to "leave and come back another time"...that always feels so empowering too!

take care,


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When I have gone to see my man in the past he has almost done the same to me , 'you look well 'he says 'feeling better are we' :P with me hanging on to the chair as I think its going to take off and fly around the room any minute :)

SO ................this is what you do , AND IT WORKS.

Get your other half to take a photo of you on your worst day , you know the day when your partner is really worried you will say 'good bye ' to them .

My husband one day when I was so ill sitting on the side of the bed and not knowing what to do with myself anymore, so much pain, sickness, dizziness, headache ...........well you know what I mean .

SO anyhow he suddenly rushes off leaving me hanging on to my zimmer frame ( sitting down I might add) comes rushing ( well fast for him ) upstairs with his camera :blink: shouts look at me dear :)

This made me angry , but he said ' you will thank me one day ' now look this way or at least put your head upright so I can get your face '

I went back to my man a few weeks after this , once again he said ' you look OK , no problems at all'

As per usual I tried to explain the terrible time I'd been having , he just sits there going 'oh , dear , mmmmm , yes, yes , like they do ....................then I put the photo on the paperwork in front of him, didn't say a word , just looked him straight in the face.

He went quiet ..................then said 'is this a picture of your mother ?' ' whats the relevance to you ?'

' IT IS ME ' I said .............. ' it is me when I'm ill , which is now 60% of my time ' he looked at me with utter surprise in his eye's , then in dawned , he went out of his office and came back with the top man , who walked in with my photo in his hands , held my face up to him and then said ' b****y H*** it is you, :o isn't it'

Then we started to talk about what they were going to do and for once I was taken seriously as a person with horrendous POTS problems.

So ..................moral of this ( sorry so long ) story .....................photo of yourself when ill .............its the best thing you can do , they cannot ignore whats in front of there eyes.

Look after yourself and dont let them get you down AMI

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Guest dionna

tearose i just love your idea of leaving and coming back later!!! i love it!!! lol. willows you are sooo right about the photo! i pass out so frequently that i can prove it to people by passing out in front of them.

i feel bad for you and everyone that is accussed of being just fine because we "look" just fine.

here is a hug for you!!!

dionna ;)

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I am new to this forum .....But oh my gosh the stories are so funny sometimes...that my kids and husband are wondering what I am getting a kick out of all by myself :P:unsure::angry:

I do understand the dr visits I have to say but ohhh you should have seen me last week ;);)

Never works and it never fails you are always better on appointment day....

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