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Ok, I cleaned my floors, took about 10 min tops and now I have a pretty good size headache. Took my vitals too...wow.

after sweeping my b/p was 87/67 bpm 108

after mopping my b/p was 85/67 bpm 137

Is this the way it's gonna be always? I mean is there any drug out there that will get this under control enough that I can actually do basic household chores without feeling like death!?

I took my b/p now that I have been sitting about 30 min.....

137/76 bpm 92 sitting

this is a bit high from my normal.....uhg

Sorry just feeling frustrated...I have to go lay down, hope I can get this headache under control before it turns into a MIGRAINE.

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Oh boy, Amby, can I ever relate! I don't know if it's going to be like this always, but I really hope not!

Here's my latest:

I fed my cat. I didn't do cartwheels to feed my cat. I didn't run a mile to feed my cat. I didn't hold said cat over my head (he's a big, fat ol' cat) and do an Irish jig to feed my cat. I simply stood up, put the food in the bowl, and fed the confounded cat. Two minutes tops and I felt horrible!

Checked the vitals - BP: 84/53; HR: 145.

Phew... guess we got our exercise for the day! ;)

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thanks for sharing..lol

It helps to know I'm not alone, it's just so frustrating!!! I feel pretty good sitting with the new meds, but holly cow, forget cleaning. I thought I would be ok..haha was I wrong.

I'm feeling a little better now that I ate lunch....

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amby i can relate to waht you are saying.. a few years back i was admitted to the hospital.. and they let me get up to brush my teeth.. welll from the time it took me to stand and walk to the sink less then a minute my HR shot to the 175.. just brushing my teeth.. that was on bb's too..

and another time i was doing dishes.. and i got icky feeling and checked my bp it was 54/something i dont quite remember what.. but it still surprises me sometimes how normal activities make our pressure's drop and hr soar..

hope that your new med helps you feel better soon dear!

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