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Always Tired Just Want To Cry


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I saw my cardiologist yesterday and my pots is under control from the nadolol and .4 florinef. Some you might have read my other posts that I was slammed with an interstitial cystitis flare of the worst kind. It is calming down (not gone) but I am so dog tired. I am sleeping with the aid of an ativan and pyridum for my bladder but usually get up 3 times or so. I used to work, run, volunteer, feel energetic, play with my kids and now by 4 pm I am so tired I want to cry. I know you guys understand and that some of you have not felt well in so long. Sorry but I am just feeling kind of down. I hope has my body heals I will get stroger again. Maybe it is the crash after all the craziness of the start of pots, being dx, dr appts, being so scared.....Any insights?

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Lina, I know just how tough this all is,POTS alone is so hard to cope with.We certainly don't need any extras.

It seems though, that we all have them. When some of the other things IC ,ect. calm down I really think things will look a little better to you.I sure hope so. Meanwhile,just know others care and understand. LOTS OF HUGS P

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