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Creative ways to add salt to your diet?


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Hi all, well I still haven't made it to the store to get salt tablets. And the more I think about it, the more I'd just like to get the salt from my diet. So, anyone have any creative ways to get more sodium in your diet? Any high sodium recipes you'd like to share?

I remember hearing that someone on here adds salt to gatorade. And I learned from another person that they drink vegetable broth. Most of my sodium comes from canned soups, but that gets old.... There are tons of low sodium recipes, how about high??

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Hi pamyla,

my cardio advised me to drink three cups of beef tea a day. That is what you make of beef cubes (I use beef powder) so you can make it as salt as you want (or as you can take). I don't know whether this is someting you drink or make in the US but overhere it's common.

I really like your idea of high sodium recipes, this could give some new ideas in cooking :rolleyes: . Maybe I can send you a salty dutch recipe, I'll check my cookbook later!! Oh wanted to ask you what gatorade is. I tried to look up in my dictionary but couldn't find it.


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Hi, Pamyla!

Switching to Celtic sea salt instead of using table salt will help - it retains most of its natural nutritents, whereas table salt is basically dead from overprocessing.

I love hard-boiled eggs (I always have them in the fridge, peeled and ready to go). I enjoy them most when I can heavily salt each bite. I actually stand over the sink to eat them, but you won't waste so much salt if you eat it over a plate.

Air-popped corn with lots of real butter and loaded with the sea salt is another of my favorite things.

I've also learned to salt all my meat/poultry/fish, vegetables, and even add some to each glass of water.

These aren't exactly creative, but it's what has helped me.

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I eat beef jerky when I need a boost--I usually keep it in my bag or briefcase. My other favorites are popcorn, tortilla chips, some liberally salted french fries (particularly helpful when out and about), v8 juice, and... if we go out to dinner at a local place, steak Cecelia. The steak is marinated in a dry rub that's heavy on the salt. Also, antipasto is high on salt if you load up on the Calamata olives and cured meats, and hard cheeses like parmesean. Just be careful of cured meats and aged cheeses if you're prone to migraines, as they can be a trigger for some folks.


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