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Contemplating New Cat..


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Hi everyone B)

AS you know we had to put our prescious kitty to sleep a few weeks ago and we all miss him tremendously... He was such a sweetheart and very loving.

We have been talking about getting another cat, but we just aren't sure. We have always been dog people but Kelly talked us into getting Smokey when he was a kitty. He was very sick when we brought him home, we nursed him back to health and he had an awesome 8 years with us. We have two dogs as well. I guess thats my problem. Smokey was the first cat in our family. We had no idea what to do with him, so we basically raised and trained him like a dog. I know that probley sounds funny but we did. Smokey would fetch, roll over, play dead, the whole nine yards!! He was a great cat!!

I guess my question is how would I introduce a new cat into the house, without trematizing him/her into the house?? as well as the dogs. Is there a way to do this???

I'm also guessing the faster we do this the better, since the dogs are use to a cat being in the house...

Any suggestions would be helpful :)




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Sorry about the loss of your cat.

You can do a GOOGLE search and there are NUMEROUS, VALUABLE web sites on how to introduce a cat to an exisiting pet household.

You do NOT just get the cat and set him loose in the house with the dogs. this causes great stress. You never throw new cats together thinking they will just get along and WORK THINGS OUT. New pet needs a safe ROOM, safe access litter box, cat toys THAT ARE SAFE, etc.

Please do your homework as cats temperament is COMPLETELY different than dogs.

I would never have a baby without reading baby books and would never add pets to the house without reading about SOCIALIZING the animals, in small baby steps.


This is one link but I would read about 10 as some are better than others...read some written by vets or reputable pet specialists.


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Thanks for the info. I did do some searches today and have been reading up on it quite a bit. Lots of useful information.

Still not sure though. My dogs were wonderful with the cat and I know they miss him. I just don't know how they would welcome a new kitty. Tough decision. Too bad dogs can't talk :D or this would be a much easier decision..

thanks again


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Yes, dogs can be easy with other dogs...you can often throw strange dogs together and they think "Hey a new friend! LOL" while cats are traumatized.

It's really about how much ENERGY do you and the household have to join the new pet slowly and then monitor for weeks when they are together.

Good luck on your decision. If the flow of the household is good with the dogs...maybe don't upset things?? I dunno. ALways been a major cat mom (As IF you couldn't tell the way I go overboard with my cat care advocacy!!L) :):blink::D

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It would be easier to get a kitten who has been around dogs..if you don't that's ok, but a kitten is much easier to introduce to dogs. The important thing is to let them introduce themselves. Have a place the kitten can go that the dogs can't follow. It can take a good week before they want anything to do with eachother.

I lost my dog christmas eve and I'm depressed not only because I miss her, but because the house is empty without a dog. My husband and I both want to get another one, but with my health it's a hard choice. I want to get a full grown dog who doesn't need to be house trained and that sort of thing...I don't have the energy for it. B)

But a full grown dog may not take to kindly to my cats....I have 3 but only one is an indoor cat.

Good luck!

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