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Hi Old Friends...


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Hi Corina - ready for spring flowers yet?

Hi Poohbear - I'm praying for you dear... hope to hear you're out of the hospital soon and that H is very helpful- mine was!

Hi Melissa - no, I know you're not able to check in, but I had to say Hi anyway.... I love you dear and pray for you often

Hi Em - watch for my email....

Hi Briarrose... don't see you posting much either!

Hi EVERYONE!!!! I know I know, you don't see me here much. I check in and read a lot, but don't post much anymore... I feel lost in what to do...we're all so different with different problems....I'm overwhelmed with my illness so I'm trying to think of other things.

Been painting a lot and am now selling quite a bit too. I sit in my recliner, take naps, wonder what will be next....

After reading about Pooh and Melissa's ongoing saga... I just wanted to say Hi and tell you all I love you. If any of you want my email, send me a PM so we can keep in touch.



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Hi Amby,

No, you probably don't know... I've not been around much. I'm tired of the complaints... ME... not others LOL!

I don't have my list of symptoms at the bottom of my page. I have POTS... but also gasteoparesis, neurological problems, severe fatigue and brain fog, sight problems and now an inner ear that is damaged by who knows what, and a CNS that works best with some CNS depressants.

But... I'm pretty content... most of the time... and then I hit those days where I want to scream - ya know?

Thanks for caring...


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hi melanie,

it's so nice to see your name pop up! just to let you know: i am wearing my beautiful bracelet every day. it reminds me of the good friends i found here at this forum. it is very special to me.

wish i could do something to help you keeping your mind off illness, but i know that when you are ill, having a lot going on and not able to do nice things on your own or with others it is difficult to focus on other things.

glad to hear your art is selling: i am proud of you!!!


corina :)

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I hear what you are saying about focusing on other things!!!

I shall PM you when I am having a strong brain day to ask about the onsite biz questions I had. You one talented, creative lady.

I have been creative over the years and must think of a way to PUT IT TO USE. Your site is SIMPLY amazing.


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I am soooo glad you checked in with us! So many folks seem to be 'disappearing' and I am wondering where they are!

Thank you for checking in and saying 'hi'....

I understand your need to escape through art (and am grateful you can do it! Like Sophia said, you are very, very talented.)

I wear my bracelet every day too, just like Corina, and I framed the butterflies you painted that I ordered. So, even when we are quiet and seem to not be able to keep up with eachother...we're in each other's hearts. I have tried to fill my bedroom with things that channel an energy of life.

I think I 'get' your feeling of being overwhelmed. I have been feeling this myself. I find that I can't get it together to respond to emails--it seems like such a huge task. Yet, I'll come here and type away. Why is that easier? I'm not really verbalizing this well at all. I'm just feeling like every task is a mountain. I made myself pick up my knitting needles for the first time in months and months. It was so hard! And while it felt good to knit again, I felt discouraged at how hard even that task was physically.

I also have been just in this 'grieving mode' and it sounds like perhaps, even though you didn't put it that way, you are feeling that too? It doesn't help when we feel like poo and it's hard to do the things that bring us joy!

Okay, I am in serious need of Whine-1-1 as Morgan would say, so I need to frankly SHUT UP!

I did get your email, and when I am able, I will write. Please understand that when I don't respond--it's not about you! Thank you for writing. And thank you for checking in on the board. I miss you here! But, you must use your energy points where they most bring you joy and life-affirming energy. I can see with my own eyes the growth in your art just over the year that I have known you. Amazing!

I have so much to be grateful for...so not sure why I am so whiney!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry! This was supposed to be a post about you! At least it's in the chit chat forum so I can't get in trouble for going off topic!!!! hahahahahaha.

Okay, Later alligator!

Wait, one time didn't you write another phrase that goes with later alligator, after while crocodile? and then there was a third thing???? I remember you writing it but what was it???? It was so cute. (just like your Hippo birdie song! which i now sing to everyone on their bdays!)


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Emily - you silly goose! You make me smile soooo much!

You KNOW I understand about emails and getting the energy to do anything! And yes, I think I do escape in my art... but I also channel my thoughts and heart back to God through my art which strengthens me.

But, yes... I am so frustrated I want to scream! And grieving... just to say the word I begin to tear up! I think I really need a good cry, but it takes way too much energy to cry and flares all my symptoms so I hold it back. Wish I could come see you! I'd love to see your room...

See ya later alligator, after while croccodile, not too soon old baboon......



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i so know how youn feel and i?m sorry that you?re going through this. but you know, in the end it makes you stronger. you NEED to take the time to cry and grieve, there is NO other way to get yourelf through this. it is SOOO difficult to find peace with our new lives don't you think?! still, in the end (i still have those grieving times you know) i am always glad to be alive, eventhoug it is a life that i wouldn't have chosen to live. i am living and i WILL live to the utmost!!!

hope this helps a bit,


corina :)

ps i will email you when our rebuilding is finished. we live in a total mess right now with lots of dust and unfinished work but i do hope that in about a month (or two!) i will be able to use my own computer again (which contains all my emailaddresses :o:( ).

oh and em, if you're reading: i do agree with you how difficult it is keeping up with friends (even emailfriends) because it takes so much time and is so tiring (not speaking about the dizziness that gets you when seated for to long!!!). but that is what makes this place so special: we all understand!!!

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Oh Corina, I agree with you with my whole heart!!! The things I find most difficult though, is that I can't "settle" down into "this" life because this life keeps changing! I keep thinking - ahh... now I know what I'm dealing with... and then bam... a new symptom.

But you know what? I think part of that is what is making me stronger. I have really tried to keep my focus on my life's goals and just adjust how they are going to look based on my health. So I continue to readjust and readjust - and as much as that causes periods of grief and uncertainty, it also strengthens me to life my goals out better and better each day.

My life goals have been to Love God and Love others (to put it very simply) I used to think those things depended on what I could do - but I am learning they can happen no matter where I am in life. They look different, but being sick and having new symptoms doesn't change living those out.

I used to be good at crying during the grieving stages... but I think it's becoming a refelex to resist it on a physical basis. You know, like a physical reflex to sit before you faint... I avoid crying to avoid the symptoms it causes... I guess I need to take a time to just let myself grieve again though.

Thank you so much for your encouragement!

It must be a bit stressful living in the midst of remodeling! I'm going to send you a PM with my new email address so that when you can get back on your computer, you'll be able to get me.

Are you looking forward to the garden stores opening up? I am.... though I don't have much gardening I can do anymore. I am going to buy some Hollyhocks for in front of my window where I sit in my recliner.

My sweet hubby has basically taken over the rose garden and lovingly cares for it for me. I had a long border of perennials I'd collected to make an english garden border along a white picket fence. We took all of them out last fall. It was sad - but I knew they needed to go because I couldn't take care of them. We have planted a new hedge rose along the fence and I hope it will begin filling in this year!

Nice to see you and chat with you both!


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Oh Shoot! I just wrote a long response and then it didn't post!!!

Well, now I'm exhausted, but instead, I'll just send you a hug Corina and thank you for your loving words of encouragement!

We'll see if this one will post.....


Oh goody!!! There it is!!! It wasn't there when I refreshed the page! LOL!



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Hello! It's good to see your posts!

I am also ready for spring. I am a gardener as well and can't wait to pick out annuals for my pots out front. My husband does most of the labor and I just pick out the plants and plan things. Watching God's creation grow is just SO refreshing and encouraging!

Just wanted to say hello!


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What you wrote made me smile.

My mom does the labor and I call myself the 'supervisor'. She tends to like to be a 'follower' and I tend to like to be a 'leader', so it works out well. She hates making decisions, so when it's flower time, she gets all the stuff, does all the work and I lie in my reclining chair and tell her where to plant what!

I'm sure the neighbors and others walking by who don't know my situation wonder why I'm just watching my mom slave away while I sit there like a vegetable!

I, too, just LOVE watching things grow. It truly amazes me. The flowers and plants and trees change every day....I am so blessed when I can take a daily walk around the yard for my 'exercise' to 'check on' all things growing! B)


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Guest tearose

Oh goodness, I do understand...as I sit here in my recliner and nap and dream of what next?

I still find it amazing that I start every day with a to do list and by noon it has become my tomorrow list!

I think it is wonderful that you have your passion for art Roselover and that you derive so much satisfaction from it.

How lucky we are to have each other "electronically"...it would be so much more singular a journey if we were going through this say, even 10 years ago!

take care, tearose

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Hi Tearose!

It's so nice to hear from you!!! Anyone heard from Briarrose lately??

Tearose, I really appreciated your post on your trip to Mayo. I think it just has to be Ok for us to take some time off and then come back to pursuing answers! My challenge is always when to drop it and when to keep seeking!

I do love my art.... though, this has been such a bad physical week that all I've done art wise is talk to other art friends on forums. But all my painting stuff is ready for me when I can do it and when I can't I know it's there when I can get back to it.

Thanks for leaving a message for me!!!

Love Melanie

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