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Saw GI Doc today for Celiac Test . . .


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I just got back from seeing a new GI doctor today (I haven't been to a GI in years) and they took a blood sample to test for Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity. They said it would take about a week to get the results, and that they are only 98% accurate with the blood test. He said that if it comes back negative, I should have an endoscopy to take a sample of my stomach lining for 100% confirmation, but I absolutely dread the thought of having a procedure like that done again. Does anyone know anything about this? I know a few of you have gluten sensitivity. . . how were you diagnosed?

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Those test are only valid if you've been eating gluten-containing products for at least 14 days prior to the test--more time, however, is preferred.

I had the blood test (which was negative, but I'd only eaten gluten for a few days after being off of it for 4 years). I haven't yet had the sigmoidosocopy (not endoscopy)...they need to biopsy the sigmoid colon to check for inflamation.


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i had both the sigmoid(colon)oscopy and the gastroscopy. they suck. big time.

the gastroscopy is worse, though. anyway, they both came back negative.

no celiac disease or sensitivity or leaky intestinal lining, which is what my gp originally thought might be wrong...


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