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Cystoscpy Under Anthetics?


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Hello everyone, I am having a cystoscomy ,they are doing it in the O.R. just like a regular surg.Last surg I had in Mar. of 2006[partial corpectomy],I went into CHF. Should I be worried, any precautions I could or should take? Thanks Pat

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I think you will get conscious sedation, which isn't a general. More like what you get with a gastro or something, so not a general anesthetic. Most people tolerate the sedatives pretty well, a nice long nap and then wake up. Even if you are in an OR, it's typically just because they want things sterile to avoid infection...

good luck!

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Hi Pat-

As long as your urologist knows about your prior history and he/she takes all proper precautions, I think you'll be fine. The fact that they've booked a surgical suite is a good sign. They are taking this procedure very seriously and are proceeding very cautiously

Ages ago (about 20 years), I had a cystoscopy via a US Navy urologist. My husband was a young Navy pilot at the time. It was a HORRIBLE experience. I was given NO sedation and it was sooooo painful. My bladder was already so inflamed. Once I got home, I layed on the sofa w/o moving for days afterwards. It felt like I'd been raped. Very uncivilized. Conscious sedation would have been a very good thing. I think with sedation, it will be a piece of cake for you. I highly doubt they will use general as they let me go w/o any anesthesia. You should suffer no ill effects. Make sure they have an IV drip going and you are well hydrated before and during the procedure.

I'm not trying to scare you. Just wanted you to know that youu're very LUCKY your doc plans on using some sedation! I know you'll have a very different experience from mine. Let us know how it goes.



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