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I have been taking Lyrica for several months. I take it for the burning sensations I have in my hands and feet. I have noticed it working for that and recently my dose was increased. I don't get migraines very often but haven't had a bad one since I've been taking Lyrica....and I haven't experienced any side affects.

Good luck if you decide to take it and let me know if it works for you.

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I posted the same question last night. I started it today 75mg -1wk than 2x a day. I'm taking it for migraines also. The pharmist said I might have increased headaches for a few days but they will subside.

Today I just feel more tired than normal but it's better than incompacitated that I got when I tried Topamax.

Lets compare noted and see how it goes.


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I don't take it for migraines, but I do remember having an increase in headaches for like the first 2 weeks I was on it but my doc told me to stay with it and I no longer have those headaches. For me it's one of the few drugs where I actually notice a benefit in taking it.

I hope it helps you guys!


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