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I'm Sorry, But I Have A Question About Vomiting


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HI, I've been a lurker for a long time, and haven't posted.

I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia about 12,13 years ago.

In the past couple years, I seem to have a problem when I am sick. If I start vomiting, it's like my system

goes crazy, and will not stop. I constantly have to get a script to help stop it, or I end up in the emergency room, in really bad shape.

Do any of you have this problem?

I also have Myasthenia Gravis, and Narcolepsy

I'm so sorry, I know this is really a gross discusting question, but I'm desparate to make this stop. For the past few days, I haven't been feeling well, and truthfully, I have almost developed a phobia about throwing up, due to fact it means going to the hospital to make it stop.

Thank you


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I'm sure it's not this simple, but sometimes for me I can't stop because of the whole gag reflex. Also visually it's a huge problem for me. If I can see myself throwing up, I can't stop. So I have to turn the lights off in the bathroom while I'm sick. Either way, being "ill" in that way whacks out my system royally and I can relate to having a phobia about it.

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Hi Lizzie,

Have you ever heard of cyclic vomiting? My daughter has gastroparesis, so she vomits quite a lot. She also has dysautonomia. She saw Dr. Grubb back in November and as he asked he questions he brought up cyclic vomiting--a continuous cycle of vomiting. She doesn't have that but I remember reading about it on the internet. Maybe you can do a search for that and she if the criteria fits.

Good luck to you. Gelann

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HI, thank you all so much, no, I've never heard of cyclic vomiting, and I will do a search on it. I had wondered if it had anything to do with Dysautonomia. No, it is MG isn't due to the any mg drugs. But when this happens, it doesn flare my mg, and makes me very weak. To the point the I can't move or anything. Ofcourse I also have Cataplexy with the Narcolepsy, so I was wondering if it was that as well. I don't know, but I need it to stop.

again thank you


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