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America's Next Top Model


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Just curious to see if anyone else saw a past episode that was on today (repeat)...One of the girls fainted and she told everyone that she has fainted since she was 3 years old and hadn't fainted for years...She said there was a problem with her vagus nerve...Just thought it was interesting!


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Now y'all know I watch garbage TV sometimes....I did see an epsiode in which one of the young women fainted. She went straight back and hit the back of her head REALLY hard. From what I remember, she had just recently (like the day before) gotten a hair weave. The doctors say that it (the padding) saved her life. Is that the same episode that you're talking about? I wondered about POTS or NMH. I didn't see the part where she blamed it on her vagus nerve. She certainly fit the supposed syereotype of the POTS patient- tall and thin...


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When I was a teenager I passed out and fell backwards "like a tree" according to bystanders. I landed on the back of my head too. I just had a bad headache and dizziness for awhile. I doubt that would have killed her even without the weave.

I saw that episode too. I think they took it seriously but most times when people pass out, others laugh and think it is funny. Perhaps they are just laughing because they are nervous. However, I don't think that enough people take "fainting" seriously enough.


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