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Weird Feeling-wired Yet Weak


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I think I must be starting my 10 day pms buildup, but the past two days I've felt really strange. I feel this strange weakness that migrates--upper rt extremeities, mouth, then upper left extremities, then left leg...a doc before has suggested hemiplegic migraines, as I've tested negative for anything stroke related, and these episodes always resolve.

But I also a, feeling increasingly short of breath and heart racey. I woke up in the middle of the night, taking fast, shallow beraths, with my chest feeling weird and poundy. It took me a while to have it settle down, and then I got really cold (adrenaline rush?)

This morning I just feel strange-wired and yet exhausted and weak, and occasionally like I might throw up. Does this sound like pots? I know something always goes awry as I approach my period.

I'm so tired of calling my doc's office- and this is a strange combo of symptoms I've had before that have never looked serious on the standard tests.

Just something to put up with?


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Funny you should post this. The past few days I've been very shakey and my resting rate is higher than normal. I'm close to starting my period and I'm guessing it will be dosey this month since I've been feeling so yucky. I have jelly legs and the chills to boot and I can't relate it to anything else other than cycle.

I've been taking an extra dose of beta plus been taking my klonopin daily these past few days to get through it.

Wired and tired here too. Let's hope this passes soon. :)

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Oy is right--- :)

I get this same thing, and it usually happens suddenly, and sometimes it's while I'm trying to get out and do something---like go out to dinner, or try to go for a short store visit. I can't do any long ones anymore.

It's terrible----------feeling weak and overstimulated at the same time----How in the world can the two exist at the same time? pinkpantherscratchinghead.jpg

I think it's part of the POTS---------------but it you continue to have this, and it's not your usual symptoms, you might want to give your doctor a call--- :D

I hope this passes for you quickly. I know how terrible this can make you feel.


Maxine :0)

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I may need a new pcp--even though he is perfectly fine when I see him face-to-face, the ability to communicate or relay messages to him over the phone is terrrible. Unfortunatley he's part of a clinic that has the same communication system, and that has a semi-monopoly in this town-- so no sure I'd get a better response with a different doc...

But every now and then he acts a little clueless. When I told him that I maybe wanted to try lexpro for my ncs, he kept thinking it was for depression. And now every visit he asks about my depression. and I keep reminding him that lexapro was for pots. but does not compute.

I dunno-- my attitude toward docs has become a bit cynical. It's hard when most of my medical problems (eds, pots, chronic joint instability, etc.) do not have easy fixes, so I rarely have the experience of feeling bad, going to the doctor, getting a diagnosis and treatment, and feeling better.

Instead I usually get the dumbfounded "don't know what it it," "it's probably nothing," or "it's anxiety." And then having to endure feeling bad. Till I stop contacting them, for fear of being made to feel silly, hypochondriacal, or nuts.

For a while I stopped mentioning my presyncope spells altogether, as every doc told me it was anxiety. And believe me, I know what anxiety is-- and that wasn't it. But when you feel you haven't been heard, over time, you stop asking, and then I start filling with self-doubt myself.

Only when the ep said ncs do I feel like I can mention the faintness without the "hysterical female" diagnosis. (Why would anxiety cause me to faint while peeing???)

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