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Do Wellbutrin Side Effects Settle Down?


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Hey all,

I just started taking Wellbutrin 5 days ago and am having some non-fun side effects: flushed/temperature swings, sweating, nausea and headaches alot worse than usual, anxiety, and had the worst bout of dizziness/lightheadedness I've had in a long time today.

I'm wondering how long it takes to gauge your body's reaction to the drug. Is this all (or most) going to go away soon, or should I take it as a sign that this drug isn't for me?

thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me.


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I usually know if a medication isn't going to work out for me right away. Even an SSRI or other type of anti-depressant. I was fortunate that the wellbutrin didn't give me any side affects, but when we tried to increase the dose it did, and I had to go back on the 100mgSR once a day.

A lot of people don't tolerate Wellbutrin very well. I was surprised I did, because I am very sensitive to meds. My husband tried it for mild depression and he thought he might climb the walls. He decided to work it out another way--------- :) My husband is one of those people with great health----so much so, that he was able to raise his life insurance and the monthly pmt. stayed the same----needless to say, I was really surprised at his reaction to it----------------the anxiety was intense for him.

I would call you doctor if things are that bad----see if he wants you to give it another week.

Maxine :0)

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