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hi all,

just wanted to tell you all to make sure you are washing your hands consistently and taking precaution against the norovirus. this is a bad stomach virus that we are not protected from by getting the flu shot. it has caused a lot of severe sickness around my area and other areas in the U.S. ........it involves vomiting, diarrhea, fever, all the stuff that us dyasutonomic's dont do well with at all - heck, even people who dont have dysautonomia are severely affected.

take care and be safe.

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Teri and I both had it just after the holidays--and we're both constant hand-washers. Neither of us is completely over it yet--we both got some kind of upper respiratory thing the week after and it's been lingering. Teri's actually been worse than me, probably from being worn down from travelling for work.

Be careful--indeed! This one is NO FUN. We both we sick from both ends and spent two days in bed afterward--we were pitiful; you can imagine how bare the cupboards were after we'd been away for the holidays. Thank goodness our chinese restaurant delivers and makes a pretty good chicken soup with rice. Once we were ready for something more than a cracker and gingerale, that was what we lived on for another few days.

One of the school districts near us had to close for a few days to disinfect--and the building I work in most of the time has been battling with it for a week now. It's also ripped through a few hotels in our area.


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It has hit multiple family members here. I am a fanatic about washing hands and spraying with lysol, bleach, etc. Couldn't avoid it. It has been several days and still not over it. Was to go for TTT today and they cancelled just as I was getting ready to leave the house. I was going to try and attempt it as I waited so long for apt, but good thing it didn't happen. Don't think I would ever recover from that. I wasn't sure I could even make the ride!! They actually have an outbreak in that area where the hospital is as well. The tech who called to cancel, also had it.

daughter and another family member had to go for IV fluids- this is a nasty bug for sure!!! :(

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I just finished reading an article on the online news about how it has hit some Hotels. What was primarly a ship virus has moved ashore. I know it hit in D.C. at a hotel and I think Wisconsin(right after Christmas after xmas parties at that particular hotel).

Yikes..wash hands and don't touch your nose or mouth if you can avoid it. (That should scare enough people to keep their hands out of their noses! lol :( )

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