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Symptoms Suck :(


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well just when i think there may be light at the end of the tunnel i fall back down.....still got tachy and brady still get lightheaded still feel like im being strangled with somthing round my kneck...nausea althought that isnt usually bad

that post falling asleep wierdness reminded me how i hate that symptom the most its so scary it happens to me alot.....what is that! i still dont know why i have pots not a clue besides viral or somthing wierd with my pituitary gland or losing my soulmate lol we were very close my im dying of a broken heart

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Guest tearose

Yeah, it is lousy when we see the light and think maybe things are all better now...only to fall down.

Please be gentle with yourself. Visit here when you can and do good things for yourself. I am sorry you lost your soulmate...this can put more strain on you too!

Eat some icecream, cry, laugh and realize that there is a lot of good things before you! It will turn around...be patient but stick to whatever is your treatment plan to help you feel well again.

best regards, tearose

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I'm sending you lots of hugs and positive thoughts. I know we can't be there for you in person, but know that we are here for you whenever you need us. I know the ups and downs of dysautonomia can definitely take their toll.

Maybe you can find someone you can talk to for support within your family? Or maybe a close friend? I am sorry you lost your soulmate. Feeling depressed or lonely can certainly stress the body more and decrease its ability to run at its optimal level, so like Tearose said, be good to yourself. It might help to find someone you can lean on during this difficult time. There are even counselors out there who specialize in helping people cope with chronic illnesses. Whatever your course of action, I hope you feel better soon.

P.S. Whenever i'm feeling really down, I love to lose myself in a good book or watch a funny movie. Laughing releases wonderful endorphins that are great for healing and relieving stress.


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Sorry you are feeling badly. It is such a blow to start feeling worse instead of better.

Depression can take its toll--even more so when you are ill. Please consider seeing a counselor. I have done that and it helped me manage my symptoms better. A different outlook can make all the difference in healing--I believe that there is a strong connection between mind and body and the ability to heal. I recommend reading *Spontaneous Healing* by Dr. Andrew Weil. It has many hopeful, wonderful stories of people getting well, he talks a lot about the mind/body connection, and includes breathing exercises that are really helpful for relaxation.

Take care. We are here to listen when you need us.


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