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Amino Acids - Anyone On Here Familiar With Them?


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I just started using a protein powder, Jay Robb brand, without artificial sweeteners. It uses stevia as a sweetener. I started using it to avoid eating junk, and give my body something substantial during snack times.

I'm noticing I feel a bit better. And I hasten to add, I was not using it to feel better, since I am totally unfamiliar with anything to do with this, so it is not a placebo effect.

Does anyone on this forum know anything to do with proteins and benefits of supplementing with them?

I'd appreciate any input.

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Hi, That's great that you found something that is working for you :)

I'd be curious to know more about what you're taking. I've been taking undenatured whey protein for years. I tried it at a suggestion that it could help improve energy. While I'm not sure it helped in that regard, I noticed it cleared up my skin. Over the years I've stopped it a few times, and within a few weeks I can always tell a difference.

Are you taking whey protein, or a different kind?



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Hi. I have been a vegetarian for more years than most of you have lived. Protein has always been a concern of mine. I have tried different products but would rather combine the protein rich vegetable products to be sure I have all the amino acids.

I have orthostatic hypotension and paroxysmal tachycardia, but not officially diagnosed with POTS. Having said that, I will say that for me a big part of my pooling issues were from my blood proteins getting too low. The proteins in the bloodstream hold the fluids in the vessels and keep the fluid from moving out into the tissues. (My pooling is a colorless, nonvascular increase in the fluid density of the legs.)

When protein is cooked, 5 amino acids are denatured, which is why eating more meat and eggs and pasteurized dairy products do not always supply a complete protein product. Meat-eaters need to be just as conscious of their dietary proteins as vegetarians.

Whey is great if you are not dairy sensitive. I take it sometimes. Sometimes I take complete soy protein products, sometimes hemp protein, sometimes spirulina. If you have something that works, go for it!

I liked Jay Robb's book, the Fat Burning Diet.


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I'm using Jay Robb's whey protein because it has some sweetener - stevia. My husband prefers the unsweetened eggwhite protein powder he makes. Jay Robb also carries a soy-base protein powder.

Old Lady Lighthead,

Yep, my husband is doing the fruit flush diet and he likes it.

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Hi. I just started (Sat. 1/6) using L-Taurine, 850 mg once per day. It has helped me energy-wise... L-Taurine, according to herbalremedies.com

"Taurine supplements can be useful for those with artherosclerosis, edema, heart disorders, hypertension, or hypoglycemia. It is also helpful in reducing anxiety, epilepsy, and hyperactivity, and stimulates poor brain function, and can reduce seizures. Taurine can also help reduce the symptoms associated with alcoholic withdrawal." Another site says that taurine helps with neurotransmitters...

All-in-all I've noticed a difference in my energy level. Since starting with L-taurine, I haven't noticed my typical 3 pm slump that goes until at least 6 pm if not the rest of the night. I've also noticed a lessening of my brain fog.

Speaking of brain fog, I swear by a product from New Chapter called neurozyme. This product rocks for me to increase brain cognition. I can focus so much more at work when I take this. If I don't take it, I notice a big difference in being able to focus on even a simple task such as answering emails.

I've been dabbling quite a bit with various herbal remedies, amino acids, etc. I just get sick and tired of doctors not coming up with any answer and only treating symptoms, so I'm trying things myself. Why run up a big doctor bill for nothing??? :)

Whatever works for you! Glad something is helping.

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futurehope: Nitric oxide is a supplement that mostly body builders take. My fiance had the supplement - bought at Target - in the cupboard, and I did a little research and decided, what the heck?

I haven't taken it lately, but according to a description from Vita Cost on a product they sell, Muscle Nitrous, "...was engineered to boost nitric oxide levels, improve strength, oxygenate muscles, enhance stamina, reduce muscular pain & fatigue, fuel ATP production, provide radical pumps and promote muscular growth & vascularity."... I was taking it thinking that it would help with my circulatory system and pump blood more into my hands and feet. I did notice a difference after taking it in that I had increased energy, but I did have some flushing.. probably my blood getting to areas of my body it wasn't used to. :)

As far as the Neurozyme is concerned, I do not notice any stomach upset, but I always take it after eating breakfast. Sometimes I'll notice a little burping that tastes like sage - yum, yum! :), but other than that stomach has been OK.

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Are there any protein PILLS/Tablets that you can take? I am a veg. and the protein thing does bother me- as i dont consume alot from anywhere!! The past year I started the whole protein shakes- and that was going well until the rumination started. now they dont stay down- so i have stopped. i really want to take something to give me more energy- i am SO fatigued, and i know that protein has other benifits too. feel free to pm me. thanks!!

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Old Lady Lighthead,

How did you find this out about yourself?

I will say that for me a big part of my pooling issues were from my blood proteins getting too low. The proteins in the bloodstream hold the fluids in the vessels and keep the fluid from moving out into the tissues.

How do you know all the stuff about what your pooling issues are and what caused them and what to do about them?


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Amino Acids! I know a thing or two about amino acids.

L-tyrosine - I have had some success with it helping me focus. It is a precursor to norepinephrine and the small number of clinical studies that have been done on it suggest it helps the body cope with stressors (sleep deprivation and cold). I found that taking 1 - 2 grams a day in divided doses helped my focus. The effect is subtle - I never felt different in any way, but I consistently noticed a slight increase in focus. Puritan's Pride sells L-tyrosine for cheap. I discontinued though because I didn't feel the benefits were worth it.

L-Citrulline - I read that it could effect NO levels, so I've been taking 1 gram a day. Nothing much going on as far as I can tell. It may make me less dizzy, but I can't be sure. I am going to up my dose before I discontinue.

L-glutamine - they put this in whey protein powder. I have had a lot of whey protein powders, and they don't do anything for me except help me gain weight.

L-theanine - God puts this in green tea. At large doses (they sell a green tea gum to help with weight loss at Walgreens) it makes me calm and enhances my vision. However, I saw no consistent benefits to my cognition so I discontinued.

Hope this helps.

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