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Just curious if anyone else on here has a nasty cold that just won't go away. I've been sick for about a week and I'm feeling worse, not any better.. :unsure: Does having POTS, etc. mean it takes longer for us to get over a cold??? I'm most likely going to take a trip to the docs but just wanted to see if anyone else is or has been in the same boat as me...

I also am finding it hard to drink fluids, which is bad, but I have the nausea even worse than usual. Also, I've been waking up soaked in sweat,but worse than usual..I have no temp. but I do usually get the sweats anyhow, my question is whether we experience more symptoms due to the POTS... Thanks!


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Yeah, colds are horrible on me. I'm actually not that bad during the stuffed-up, coughing, snotty stage. It's the week after the major cold symptoms have passed where I really suffer and it can sometimes take me a month just to get a modicum of energy back.

I'm crossing my fingers now because I made it past Christmas w/o getting my annual sinus infection of DOOM. People around me are getting sick left and right so I'm staying inside and loading up on Vitamin C.

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I've had a terrible cold--one of the worst ever--since Tues before last. It is slowly getting better. I cannot remember being so knocked out by a cold. Ihave not had a temperature with it, but all the usual cold symptoms--and all very intense. In my case, I think my thyroid disease affects my ability to manage colds, and I just had a check up with my endo and my TSH is elevated again, so I need to increase my dose. I have had a slight increase of POTS symptoms with this cold, though, as well.

Some colds are definitely worse than others.

Hope everyone feels better soon!


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POTS &/or other dysautonomias shouldn't affect one's ability to get over a cold itself (though other health issues certainly can). BUT - and this is a big but - dysautonomia can certainly make the cold seem much worse in that it can knock the autonomic nervous system more out of whack than "normal". in this way it can take a lot longer to "get over" as well. not so much the cold itself but the risidual affect on the body. same with other illnesses.

keeping up on the fluids is essential though. i know it's rough with nausea, but as long as you're not throwing up you need to keep hydrated. if you are throwing up too much to stay hydrated and it's for more than a day or two you need to figure out a way to get IV fluids.

hope you're feeling better soon....

B) melissa

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yup i ve been battling some sinus respitory thing for over 2 months now...any infection in your body is going to make your pots flare up more..

rest and keep the fluids up.. and i hope that you fel better soon



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