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Autonomic Neuropathy..


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Hi guys! Just got back from my visit with Dr. Novak, what a great doc he is. He was very very thourough and I spent an hour with him. He diagnosed me with Autonomic Neuropathy..My question is whether or not this is the same thing as POTS???? Today tachy wise I wasn't doing too bad today and my BP wasn't too shabby either (figures since I went to see the doc). I'm just soo confused I think because all along I am thinking I have POTS then I hear another name?!?!?!? Ahhh I don't know. I told him about alot of my symptoms and he wants to have me stay as an inpatient in the near future for a few days so they can monitor everything...Anyhow, just thought I'd let you guys know how I make out!


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jacquie -

glad to hear that it seems this doc will be a good person to work with.

to try to answer your question, autonomic neuropathy CAN be the same as POTS. it isn't always, but it certainly can be. it's more a diagnosis/explanation of the physiology behind symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves. autonomic neuropathy can be someone's primary diagnosis (particularly if s/he doesn't fit into another diagnostic category very well) or it can be synonomous (in a given person) with POTS or other types of dysautonomia.

some docs give the diagnosis based on symptoms but some will only give it based on objective tests of nerve function such as sweat tests. additionally, some used autonomic neuropathy as synonomous to dysautonomia; this is the case for many but not everyone as not all people with dysautonomia have actual neuropathy.

this has actually been discussed a number of times but i'm not sure how the best way to go about defining a search for it would be...

B) melissa

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Hi Jacque,

Glad to hear it went well with Dr. Novak, I like him too. Although I was diagnosed with POTS at Mayo, Dr. Novak (with looking at some of the small fiber studies that were done) and in light of my other symptoms (i.e. gut problems, bladder problems) also diagnosed me with autonomic neuropathy, saying that he believes it is what is causing my POTS.

At first he thought that I would be "on the up swing" in about a month, but now after my admission (and three months of medication trials), he is saying that this is"more severe than he first thought", so we keep plugging along, at least he is willing to work with me and ntot give up when the drugs that are used the most aren't helping!

Well, I guess that explanation got convoluded, but from what I gather, like Sunfish said, the neuropathy can cause the POTS symptoms.


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Thanks guys.

Melissa, I also wasn't sure how to do a search for that type of question B)

Also, can autonomic neuropathy "go away" like POTS can over the course of years, etc.??

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Hi Jacquie

I am glad you found a doctor who knows about your health problem and wants to help. B)

That?s good news, not only for you, but also for those who expect to find such a wonderful doctor too. It gives us hope and I feel very happy about you. It seems you are on the right way now.



BTW, excellent information Melissa. Thanks for giving us knowledge. :) (I am happy to find you active again on the forum).

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