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Ppl Just Dont Get It


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I'm a little peeved, so I apologize for the crappy mood I am in. Last night I went out with a friend to a bar (for food, no drinks for me) and we had to wait for seats to become open. So some seats open up and a few girls we went to high school with were going to take them even though they had literally just walked in and not waited 20 min like us...So I sat on the chair next to me that was open...THEN my friends goes Jacquie why aren't you being nice...I was soo pissed so I said because I've been waiting here alot longer...She knows about my probs with standing, etc. so this comment really really made me mad. She really put me on the spot like a was some witch, but really I just needed that seat because I wasn't feeling great and I'm sorry we had also waited alot longer....

Just needed to vent!


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I'm so sorry.....I understand. But that's the problem, unless they "know" how it feels they won't understand. And even then they still may not understand because most people who have experienced a bit of this because of the flu or whatever, get better and "forget" how it feels. They can't comprehend the fact that YOU won't get better after a certain amount of time.

You vent all you want....just let it all out! :(

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