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Just curious if anyone else has this...I'm not even sure if it's related to POTS, but anyhow...I have gotten my thyroid tested numerous times but i notice that i have a lump on one side that is larger than the other....I've had a brain MRI but im not sure if it covers that area?!?!? I see my doctor Friday so I'm goign to ask. Ive also have a lump on the roof of my mouth but none of my doctors ever thought anything of it...Just curious to see if anyone else has had anything similar to this?!



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A couple years ago I had a lumpy thyroid...we had tested it numerous times..I had a lump in throat sensation..my endocrinologist felt it and it was odd shapped...his young resident he had for the day felt it as well and she remarked it was assymetrical (sp?)

ran some blood work and they were normal. My doc then emailed me it was probably thyroiditis that can clear up on it's own in a couple of weeks. It did. Otherwise, had it bothered me more, he said we could've done a scan but he blood work didn't point to that and neither did my symptoms since it improved.

A couple months later was normal upon exam as well.

I am not sure about the thing in your mouth. ..is it soft, mushy? a hard place? I would demand more attention to that...get the tests you need to make YOU feel better and rule out things

I had had stomach pain and dreadful energy for months...after blood work was ALL NORMAL, my autonomic doc humored me to look at something in my gut...while we were there, he ordered a CT scan of the abdomen and Pelvic reasons....I asked if I was over reacting and he simply said "I hope so but we'll check it out."

So if your doc gives you static, tell him to humor you to RULE OUT ANYTHING.

They will usually comply.

Good luck and I hope you get peace of mind soon.

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Hi guys and thanks for the replies...

On one side of my thyroid area i have a lump...I'm thinking it is most likely a goiter but I am going to have my PCP look at it Friday..

I do have another lump on the roof of my mouth, but it has been there for years...I had a brain MRI within the last year, so if it was something like a tumor I'm thinking it would come up on a brain MRI?? I'm going to point that lump out as well to my PCP, but I was just curious if anyone else had the same type of things...

I have had numerous thyroid tests and they come back normal...


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I know this will seem like I'm trying to scare you and I'm truly sorry, but I must tell you.

When I was 20 yo, my thyroid "tests" were normal, but I had thyroid cancer. No one else in my family had it, but my mom and grandmother had goiters.

My symptom was "lumps" or swollen glands in my neck because it had metastisized. If I had not had the "swollen glands", the primary lump in the thyroid was difficult if not impossible to know about.

You may have a goiter. You may have nothing. I pray it is nothing.

But I'm telling you this because in the case of any mass, it must be evaluated by a good doctor. Do you have an endocrinologist? If I remember correctly, I swallowed I 131 (radioactive iodine), and then they used a scanner machine to scan my neck region. After seeing something on the scan, I had a needle biopsy of one of the lumps, and a surgical biopsy of another. It was under a microscope that they could see that they were dealing with cancer.

I truly pray it is nothing but I want everyone to know that a mass must be evaluated.

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Hopefully they are benign--but please get these lumps checked by a doctor!

I have thyroid disease and have a lumpy thyroid (which is common with thyroid disease). My endo keeps close watch over this to make sure it is just benign nodules, not cancer. I had to have a biopsy a few years ago, etc.

I would recommend seeing endo regarding the thyroid--if it is indeed the thyroid that is lumpy. GPs are not necessarily up on the latest understanding of thyroid disease diagnosis.

Take care,


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