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Strange Symptom Question


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I spent Thurday night in the ER ( we all know how much fun that is...although the resident had heard of POTS and autonomic neuropathy so at least it was a start). Anyway, I work up with a horrible charlie horse in my left calf the had me jumping out of bed, which of course lead to me hitting the floor almost instantly! When I woke up the pain was minimal, but I had a banana and began my Gatorade chugging to see if it would help.

Then at 2pm I noticed that my muscles in my legs and one of my arms were twitching uncontrolably, almost like they were rippling and my mother noticed my speech was slurred with certain words, my tongue actually felt like it was too thick and I couldn't coordinate it to speak.

So, my neurologist said to head to the ER to check it out and especially get my electrolytes checked. The ER doc thought my potassium would be low, but nope....only sodium and phosphorus were a bit low. They seemed puzzled by the severity of the symptoms and then not having labs to back them up. I did get two liters of lactated ringers which after the first one the symptoms stopped.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I can't believe I would be dehydrated after fluid loading all day, but perhaps I was. I also started Florinef about a week and a half ago, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with all the craziness. The speech problems have not occurred since then, but my muscles will still twitch and cramp at the end of the day. Just curious if I am going nuts or if my body truly is on strike ;)!!!

Thanks for you input,


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I get the twitching and muscle cramping all the time. My speech is slurred when my potassium is low.

Sometimes a serum potassium is not an accurate assessement of what it's really doing. It's more on a cellular level. So the docs end up scratching their heads.

I take a fair amount of prescription potassium and my doc allows me to titrate to my symptoms as opposed to what the labs show. Not all docs are that kind.

But I do find if I'm feeling twitchy and weird, I take extra and feel better. This is something to discuss with your doctor however.......I just wanted you to know that yes, i feel the same way sometimes...

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:) Thank you for posting it.

I have also experienced this kind of symptoms in my muscles (legs and arms), as well as a slurred speech.

It is not common (thanks God). When it happened, we had no idea why it was taking place. I never went to the doctor when I had it, because we were so scared and worried that I did not wanted to move and prefered to be sitting until feeling better. On that specific date, my parents were with us and it was an amazing experience. I was unable to coordinate... :)

Sometimes I have problems to coordinate (speech and concentration), it happened at work too, but nothing serious and I have been able to hide it.

We did not know what to do and when I experience it, I usually drink some water and sit down, but... now I know.

Do you mean that, when the symptoms start, the best way to control them is by drinking Gatorade?



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Thank-you everyone for replying, if it continues to happen I will be sure to ask about alternate blood testing to be sure we are getting at the right numbers. I haven't had anymore slurred speech, but the mucle twitching/cramping has continued off and on. I am supposed to talk with my neurologist about an upcoming admission today, so we will see what he recommeds.

Tessa...as for the Gatorade to help when I feel the symptoms coming on. That was just a guess on my part, I knew from my work in medicine, that muscle cramping can be caused by electrolyte imbalances and thus thought I should really bulk up on the Gatorade and see what happened. Obviously something was out of whack with my electrolytes and fluid volume or I wouldn't have felt so much better after the 2L of lactated ringers. Sometimes I feel like this is all a guessing game, trying someine new to see if it will help me out in anyway.

I'm glad glad I am not alone (I didn't think I would be)...thaks again for the advice.


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I have had the same thing. The slurred speech happened a few times and they said it was from poor blood flow to the brain, symptoms were relieved when laying down. The slurred speech went away I started on Lexapro. I notice I have the muscle twitching when I get stressed and am worried.

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