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Happy (belated) Birthday Sophia!


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happy belated b-day sophia!

another member of the "cram all the holidays together" club, eh?

how are we supposed to know when it's not on the calendar????

i hope you treated yourself to some yummy goodies. and glad that you were able to talk with some friends that made you feel young :huh:

and i hope you have some relief health-wise in the year to come after the recent surgery.

:P melissa

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Melissa, sweet, Melissa. How kind of you to post this but there was a reason I don't post my birthdays...when you are the dinosaur at most boards...you keep certain things quiet until after the fact! : - )

My sister sent me a card (she is across the country but lives locally) and says we will celebrate when she gets back.

I kept thinking I might make a cake since I like my own better than other folks but between fatigue and TODAY'S NAUSEA..that ain't happening.

I ate some salad last night (things were chopped TINY) and there were so many things in it but I swear, that set off my nausea.

When will I learn raw foods don't agree. Mama Mia!!

Thank goodness for Ginger pills and Coke...that helped a lot.

Thanks again for your thoughtful reply..and I hope you get thru the birthday/holiday blues as well.


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Happy Birthday Sophia :rolleyes:

Hey, for that nausea, I seem to do well with a ginger tea concoction that can be found at aisan grocery stores and/or philipino shops. It's an instant pre-sweetened ginger tea. There was a year or two where I practically lived on the stuff. I keep a jar at work and a jar at home. It's called Ludy's instant ginger brew (aka "salabat"). If you do a google search it should come up.

Hope your tummy settles down--and I also hope this year is a good one for you.


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Was this the big 5-0???? You said it was a birthday milestone....

How in the heck did Melissa know it was your bday if it isn't on the calendar....or did she know from the holiday post? I mean, she's brilliant, but I don't think she's psychic!

Anyways, I hope that starting off your fifties with the hysterectomy will help with some of your symptoms and make for a better decade! I know how much you struggle with your health and its continued deterioration, so I won't make any trite or suzy sunshine comments....but I do want to wish you the best possible year that is out there for you!

Sorry I'm a little late to chime in....I really haven't been able to post much.

I hope you and your sister will celebrate on a 'good day' when she comes back and you will be abel to partake in some cake (and not some you've stolen off of someone's back porch! :rolleyes:)


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