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Back Home From Hospital


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If any of you remember I posted over a week ago that I was going into the hospital to be monitored and then started on Norpace while in the hospital.

Well, I was started on it, had no major side effects like my doc was afraid I would, but it did absolutely nothing for my numbers (bp or heart rate), nor for any of the symptoms.

Then, I ended up being in the hospital three extra days for extra monitoring and nuerology consultation because my doc has no other cardiac meds she wants to try on me.

So, basically, I got released tonight awaiting the call from my doc monday morning to see whether she wants to try me on any anti-anxiety med to at least lesson the adrenaline rushes/anxiety to slow my heart down at least a bit (what the nuerologist suggested). Otherwise, I am supposed to put on weight, which will take quite some time, and just deal with it, or go to other doctors...

Glad to have the heart monitor off, showered, and home B)


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Welcome back home. It's always good to get out of the hospital. it's too bad the norpace didn't work for you. Perhaps they will suggest something else. I know that klonopin helps me with the anxiety and Inderal helps with the tachy/forceful heartbeats and arrhythmias for me. Those adrenaline rushes can be awful. I know many of the beta blockers can help with that, but I don't think they have found anything that prevents them entirely. B)

Putting weight on defintiely helped me with my symptoms somewhat, but it didn't make them go away. Best wishes! glad you are home. :)


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