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Really Bad Night!


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Ok, today I had a really bad migraine/ headache. So I called the doctors office to see if I could get in for a pain shot. They said they would check with the doctor and get back to me. After 3 hours of waiting, and the pain worse, I try calling back. This time I got someone else, the last person never gave the chart to the doctor. Finally about 20 mins. Later they call back and said to come right up, and they could give me the shot. So I headed off for the shot, I ended up waiting 30 mins. In the waiting room as there where so busy. Well I finally got the shot.

When I got home I started feeling out of it, but I think it was due to my B/P being so low all day. We around 4:00 pm my home health care working came out to check the PICC, I am adding anoher day IV saline, to help with the b/p, so that?s why she was out. Anyways, I hooked up the I IV; I feel asleep and woke up later when it was done. Well I unhooked from the IV, and got up to go to the bathroom. On the way back to bed I felt like the side of me was all wet. Well??. The cap on the on line of the PICC had come off, and due to how tired I was I forgot to clamp it off too, so now I had a blood path all over my house, and blood on me. So as you can image I got suck cleaning.

Well I am back off to bed, hopfully this time with better luck!

Good night!

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