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Endocrinologist Found Something I'm A Little Scared About


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Hi, everyone,

An update. Went to see my endocrinologist at CCF, first time since I've been really sick. He did a very thorough endocrinological testing and found that my Vitamin D is severely low--14. I've read several postings here from people who have low Vitamin D.

How serious is this? He wants me to go on 50,000U of Vitamin D for three days, then once a week for a month, then once a month. What do you all think of that?

He's thinking that many of my symptoms could be related to this. I know I haven't had any dairy since August, and I don't go outside at all, so could this cause my Vitamin D to deplete to that extent that quickly????

Thanks, everyone, in advance.


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I don't know if what you said could deplete your Vitamin D that quickly; maybe the doctor would know?

Maybe you were low before that and the lack of dairy and sunlight hastened the process? Make sure you ask the doctor what could have caused this situation so it can be avoided.

Until you get to speak to your doctor, here's a website you might want to check out:

Vitamin D Fact Sheet

I'm glad he found this out for you and maybe you'll start feeling a whole lot better real soon. I'm sure you will.

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Hi Linda,

I was tested for vit d and it was low, about 22.(I've been seeing a dr. who is complementary/preventive medicine) I took supplements 2 vit d a day and fish oil(yuck). The next time I went and got it checked which was probably about 2 months later it was up to 64.

Believe it or not, I went to an endo early this year and she never even thought of checking any levels outside of routine thyroid levels and she knew that I was seeing her trying to find out what possibly could be causing my episodes of tachy etc, and all she thought to check was thyroid.

He did tell me that vit d. and the sun. Fish oil with vit d. in the winter and in the summer just take fish oil.

He gave me a paper about Vit D., it says it regulates calcium and phosphorus absorption/reabsorption. Vit D linked to depression and SAD. Vit D is important in neurological autoimmune processes. Vit D upregulates apoptotic mechanisms in pro-inflammatory celss, allowing inflammatory cells to arrest appropriatedly and preventing on-going inflammation that damages tissue.

My dr. also checked me for magnesium and found that I am wasting magnesium. My levels are low at 3.2 and even after orally supplementing mag. as well as weekly IV of magnesium, my levels are not budging and he has no idea why. Was magnesium tested on you?

Anyway, try not to worry, and see what the levels show the next time he tests you for it. Sounds like a good endo who did some long needed tests on you. :)

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Thank you both for your quick replies. As I think about it, I really haven't been out in the sun in over a year, so.... I guess I should be deficient, huh?

Yes, my magnesium was tested and it was actually a little high, but not too far up there to be of concern.

Thank you. I appreciate your responses very much.


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It is great news to learn about something wrong that could be fixable! Vitamin D levels are a new buzz-phrase in clinical physiology. Low vitamin D levels affect so many functions that I hope you are much improved by taking it. It could take months to get the levels up, they say, but at least you are going in the right direction.

I was low in D, also, and perhaps most people are unless they live in southern climates and spent time outdoors.

:) OLL

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