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Do You Stop Florinef Before Your First Tilt Table Test?

john redman

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you should talk to your local doc or pharmacist about how to wean off of florinef--don't stop suddenly

Ernie is correct, you should be off of all cardioactive medications and over-the-counter stuff before the test; this includes caffiene within 12 hours, sudafed, etc. which might increase heart rate, blood pressure or both, and also meds that may lower both, such as pain killers that have a narcotic component, etc.

The doctor at the tilt lab should be able to give you information on which of your meds must be terminated and for how long in order to have an accurate test.


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I have had 3 TTT, one of them I was on Florinef and had hypertension while standing.

The other 2, I was off and became very hypotensive. The last one I had at Mayo they had me taper and stop my Florinef a week before the test. Dr. Low then recommended I stop it permanently as my urine sodium was so low. I haven't taken it for a couple years now.


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