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Do All These Symptoms Seem Like Just Pots?


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dizzyness lightheadedness


increase on heart rate from laying standing

low blood pressure especially while laying down i mean it goes as low as 80/50

lunp is throat/tightning in throat

loosing wieght then gaining then loosing again

cold sweats while trying to do things

extreme fatigue

feeling like im on some kind of drug all day

in the middle of the night waking up with a racing heart

feeling flu like at times

pee alot

just plain feeling sick all the time :)

do these symptoms coincide with pots syndrome or somthing more

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thank you so much for the list...i realised i forgot all the other symptoms i had after reading that list i have like every single one! i didnt think pots could do all this its amazing,,, and its maddening to try and figure out how you got the pots int he first place and if it can be treated and fixed... ive alreay had alot of tests so i dont think there gonna find the reason

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i agree with Ernie about not knowing what it is like to feel normal anymore. i am always asking some one without pots if they have certain things going on with them or not, all the time. i also have all the same problems you have listed plus some more you didn't--- i never can remember them all either. you can see on my signature what i have been diagnosed with so far.

dionna B)

just know that you are not alone at all.

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hi nikigrl,

just popping in to say hi to you and welcome!

some of us have the same symptoms, others have more, or less or different B) . did you see a specialized doctor (neuro or ans specialist) yet?

well, hope you will get answers to your questions. there are a lot of us here to help you!

corina B)

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For me, I've had this since birth, so I have no idea what normal feels like... hence I had no idea I was NOT normal until my 20's. In college I started to notice that my friends didn't tire as easily as I did, nor did they sweat as much or as often...and they could stand in lines for things with ease.


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