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Snow In October!!


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i just LOVE snow! did it melt already???

the other amazing thing is that in my country, where it usually rains in October and the temp is about 13 C, it was above 20C yesterday and there were even people swimming in the sea!!! i didn't sea that myself, it was in the newspaper. the world keeps amazing me!

corina :ph34r:

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Buffalo NY got slammed with a bad snow strom last week.. afew of my aunts and uncles where without power and heat.. 1/2 a million people in and around buffalo where with out heat and power.. as it stood on wednesday.. thousands where still without power.. they got at the airport 22 inches of snow.. some area's got more then that!

It was NUTS!!!!!! snow is too early! to colld BRRRRRRRRRR.. not ready for it!

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Yes---I saw that---saw a little last night also........ were just below you in Toledo, Ohio---we usually get the same thing as Mich---depending where you are in Mich....... :)

I saw a few snow flakes while watching the Tigers on TV last night---------they won too---I hope they win the world series! Siberian-Tiger2-resized-96.jpg

Here's to very little snow this year kids......

Maxine :0)

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