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Sleeping Problems


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I'm having trouble staying asleep. I can fall asleep o.k. but wake up several times, almost jolted awake. It's like I am getting adrenaline surges in my brain and my whole sleep/awake cycle is completely off. A wave of surge hits me when I try to go back to sleep,,almost like it is telling me to stay awake. Even my heartrate goes up, just as if your body is getting ready to get up in the morning. May be a cortisol thing perhaps?

I have klonopin, guess I will up that but I don't really want to use any rx sleep aids.

Any other suggestions?

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I've had that kind of thing off and on for the last couple of years. They even tested me for narcolepsy because I would jerk awake from a vivid dream minutes after falling asleep. (The test was negative.) Sometimes it feels like I forget that I'm trying to sleep, so I wake myself up every time I start to drop off.

I haven't found a magic bullet for this. These days, I'm taking 100 mg of Zoloft for my blood pressure, but I find it also helps with anxiety, so anytime I'm feeling stressed or I have trouble sleeping for a few nights I bump it up to 150mg (with my doctor's blessing). I find that I usually only need the higher dose for a few days, because it somehow breaks the cycle. I don't know whether this is a physical or emotional effect.

When that doesn't work, I just ride it out and try not to make things worse by stressing about the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep. :)

Hope something helps.


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I have had that happen to me too! It happens when I over do it during the day. Usually if I take a nap in the day it won't happen.

Just wanted you to know that your not alone, in fact many others have had this too. :)

Take care,


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