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Just curious if anyone saw CSI LasVegas last night. They did a TTT on a boy and they had mentioned something about his vegas (sp?) nerve and how his BP plummets...Just thought it was quite interesting...Of course they didn't say a name for it ...


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Guest dionna

i watched the very end of it. i usually always watch it. it is one of my favorite shows! my dad saw all of it and he told me about it. he was like, "did you know that the vagal nerve is what causes people to pass out? they did a tilt test on this boy to see if he was lying about a murder" hmmmm.... yeah dad. vasoVAGAL syncope that is what i was originally diagnosed with! you know that tilt test? the tilt table test? i did that twice!.... it is if he never heard a word i ever said about me passing out. go figure! he thought he was teaching ME something about passing out!!! hello i think i am the expert in this house about that subject! no one in my family has ever passed out except lil o me. i was upset with him.

dionna :)

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I hate that invisible feeling. It's like you can tell someone something over and over, and it doesn't sink in. Then they hear it from an "expert" (or a TV show), and suddenly they believe it. Is is really that incomprehensible that I know what I'm talking about?!

But, hey, here's hoping CSI has made it a little easier for people to take us seriously.


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