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Colonoscopy Cause Any Trouble?


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Hi All-

I've got another quick question. I think I will have a colonoscopy shortly (I'm having problems) and I'm wondering if anyone has had a problem with either the prep or procedure. I had one 4 years ago and had a hard time with prep- vomiting and an inability to drink all of that stuff. Then during the procedure, I was quite vigilant. Versed seems to not work too well for me. And, it was really painful. I remember trying to scream, but no sound came out.

Anyone else have a hard time and willing to share your story?



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Here is my experience: I think drinking that slimy liquid was the worst, but I just worked real hard to do it as fast as possible and it helped for it to be cold. My mom had one and had to take pills and some sort of phospate stuff which she said was not bad. Then I've heard some people are put under and some aren't. I was wide awake and I believe they used versed and fentynl and when he was putting in the instrument I got a real bad pain at first in my stomach like a real bad gas pain and I said OW OW OW! and I heard him say more fentynl to the nurse and then in seconds I was ok. I actually watched my colon on a tv screen and even commented that one part looked like a cinamon roll! I guess I was pretty loopy. Maybe it would be better if you asked not to be put completly under so if you have pain you can tell them. Good luck!

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I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago which diagnosed my Colitis. It wasn't even close to being as bad as I had thought, and I wished I wouldn't have stressed over nothing. Here's a couple tips: ask for the Flett Phoso-Soda. It's only a tiny little bottle that fits in the palm of your hand, and that's all you have to drink! You mix it with water or ginger ale or some other clear liquid, and it has a salty taste, but nothing too gross. Two 8-oz glasses will finish off the Fleet. I drank one glass around 7 pm, another 90 minutes later, and I was done.

Another tip: try having a bowel movement early that afternoon if you can. If you clean out your system BEFORE doing the prep later that evening, you will have a way, way easier experience once that Fleet soda hits your system.

Also, don't deprive yourself of every food and drink if fasting makes you ill the way it does for me, because there are foods and drinks you are allowed to have on your prep day to make you more comfortable. Clear liquids like broth, ginger ale, water, of course, and foods like apple sauce and jello (no red) are allowed, or at least they were by my doctor. It makes fasting tolerable.

As for the actual experience, I warned them about my POTS, and I did ok in the twilight sleep they put me in. I felt nothing, not one single thing, with the combination of versed and phenobarbital.

Good luck with your procedure!

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i have had 2 colonoscopies, one outpatient & one while hospitalized. i've never had a problem with the procedure itself but the preps were both VERY rough on me. once it was rough but tolerable. the other time - while pretty sick overall - the prep really did a number on me (even without keeping it all down). i had lots else going on at the same time though so i definitely wouldn't use me as a measuring stick of any sort.

if you have to proceed i hope you have an uneventful story to tell...

:) melissa

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