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Nasty Cold!!


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I need some relief!! I have been fighting with this cold for a week now!! Coughing, hacking, gaging, running nose, pressure, headache, everything hurts :D Can;t even sleep, somehow it gets worse when I lay down.

My primary gave me two 'scripts but made me too tachy, can't handle that!!! Did call Grubbs office, but they haven't called back. Know they are too busy for these little things.

Anybody take anything that doesn't affect your symptoms too much???

Please let me know

((Hugs)) ahhhh not too close, too germy right now :blink:


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Sue, I wish I had words of wisdom for you. I'm still fighting an ear infection for weeks now--and when I'm on meds, I'm way more symptomatic.

If your ears aren't bothering you yet, you might consider using a sinus rinsing system. There are several commercially available, I happen to use NeilMed's. It comes with premeasured packets that you add to the bottle, and then rinse with over the sink. It helps clear out the gunk --gross :D I know, but it works. If , however, your ears are already hurting, do not try the rinsing b/c it could make matters worse.

Feel better. Nina

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Hello Sue and sorry to hear that you feeling so under the weather and are suffering so, I hate colds.

I used to dread this time of year as l'd always get a cold or a cough and that would lead on to bronchitis a chest infection or pneumonia, but since having the flu and pneumonia jabs about 6 years ago ( flu jab every year) I 'touch wood' have not had a bad cold since !!!! a 'sniffle' for a couple of days but thats it :)

Do you get your yearly flu jabs done???

As my son who had pneumonia the Christmas just gone is having the lot this year for the first time to , so hopefully not one nasty bug stands a chance in this household.

Keep warm ( not to warm mind you) and drink lots and lots , take care and get well soon. Willows.

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Just back from the doctor, if not any better by tomorrow she wants to put me in the hospital for a few days, a little worried about the congestion in my chest. Always something.

I'm going for my jamies, blanket, and my dog. Going to the couch and watching movies for the afternoon.

Thanks for the well wishes



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I have managed to keep my butt out of the hospital, still not feeling so hot.

I tried to take some vitamins, thought they would help, an everday with additional B for energy and folic acid. I don't know if its possible but I feel way loopy with these. Could that be possible?? I didn't know if vitamins could have side effects?? the bottle doesn't say anything. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

thanks for any insight


oops...........................forgot the ((Hugs)) :D

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glad you've managed to stay in your own place but sorry that you're still feeling so icky.

i wouldn't think the vitamins would make you feel loopy but i suppose anything is possible. are you on any other meds though? i would think lots of what people take for colds & associated symptoms would more likely be the culprit....

hang in there...

:P melissa

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