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Sudden, Very Bad Back Pain


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Has anyone here ever experienced a herniated disc or anything like that? I woke up this morning with excruciating one-sided back pain that only comes and goes with certain movements -- and it feels very radiating/nerve-like. I am a massage therapist, so I deal with a fair amount of people in pain, but I don't think I've had a client describe anything this severe.

It's definitely not my kidneys. It's definitely neuromuscular. But I'm a little worried since a) I can barely move without wanting to scream; :) my legs, especially my left, feel weak; c) I have been horribly constipated and now this is making things much worse.

How long can herniated discs be in the "acute" phase? Is there anything dangerous that could be going on? I'm probably going to break down and call my doctor tomorrow, but any advice is appreciated.


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Since Friday, I got worse, then a tiny bit better. I have an appt. for tomorrow afternoon. But, if you look at my other recent post, I found out I'm pregnant, so I won't be able to take much for this pain.

I'm having a very difficult time taking care of my 2-year-old right now. Lifting her is out of the question. I can't really lean forward, bend over, walk for a long time, etc. I'm hoping the back pain isn't my body already starting to tell me it doesn't like being pregnant. I think it's probably a coincidence, though strange timing.


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