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Anyone have experience with local anesthetics?


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I cut my foot badly on some glass today, and went to urgent care because the paramedic said I would need stitches. They wanted me to take a local anesthetic for the pain, which I refused because the pain was not that bad. I had read that ANY type of anesthetic can cause problems with POTS, so I was just wondering if anyone else had been in a similar situation, or has any anesthesia experience. I'd like to know for future reference.

I also received a Tetanus shot- any comments about this either?

I know our POTS bodies react strangely to everything, so I just wanted to see if others had anything to share. My foot is feeling much better now, but I'm exhausted after that adrenaline rush!! Thank goodness by neighbor was home to watch the baby through all this ;)

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I've never had a problem with local anesthetics--and I've had plenty over the years. I've had periodontal work with stitches, tons of stitches from when I was a crazy little kid...hmmm...stitches in my lip, eye brow, forehead, knee...not to mention all the stitches I've had over the years from surgeries--neck, sinuses, shoulder blade, hip, and 7 different laporascopic sites on my abdomen.

You should know that local anesthetics are used for MORE than just pain relief. They can help to control bleeding in the area of the wound.

Some folks are super sensitive to local anesthetics--I'm not one of them, despite being very sensitive to epinephrine delivered in larger doses--which I've had to take for anaphalaxis on 3 occasions. Those shots clobber me for days and days. Once the stuff wears off and I'm done shaking and being hyper-alert, I feel like I just completely am empty of energy and can barely walk, stand, etc., even just to use the bathroom. But, better than the other option... to no longer be here! ;)

If you have someone with you when you're at the doctor, and you haven't had a problem with locals before, you may just want to give it a shot (hmmm...no pun intended...) to see if it helps or not. Some folks with ANS problems actually report that local anesthetics do not work for them at all.


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