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I Updated Ethan's Website

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I just realized today that my son Ethan's website hadn't been updated since last year :rolleyes: Shame on me. So I made it my project for today! It would be fun if we could all share our family sites so we can get to know one another a little more...I know there is a space on all our profiles but I think a lot of people don't put the URL in. Anyone else feel like sharing?

Happy Viewing B)


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Very sweet pictures--Ethan is so expressive. Thanks for sharing. I like your idea of sharing our personal photos/websites, for people who feel comfortable doing that. It's nice to put a face to a name--and it's enjoyable to see other's children/pets/significant others/etc.

Your studio photos are really nice, by the way. We haven't done that yet.

Here are some snapshots of Giuliana--and a few others from my recent life...


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Thanks! And thanks for sharing your pics too!! If anyone else feels comfortable sharing we'd love to see!! For those who want to contribute but would rather not show pictures...how about telling us a little about your own families...how many are there in your household? How do you spend your days? Do you have children and/or pets? Whatever you want to tell us about!!

I loved the pics of Giuliana- isn't it amazing when you are going through all the pics, how people change so much, so quickly (especially the little ones)? We were watching videos of Ethan this evening from his birth up to a year old, and I could not believe the changes...I didn't realize how much he's transformed this past year. Sometimes its nice to do these posts that are focused around other aspects of our lives, since it's so easy to slap a "Dysautonomiac" label on ourselves so much of the time :rolleyes: Sometimes I forget there are other aspects of my life that I should be thankful for!!

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how beautiful both of your pictures are!! It is really nice to put faces to your names but better yet its nice to see even though we all have problems in our lives there are still BEAUTIFUL ASPECTS to them also


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I agree, Sue. What a treat it is to see Jessica and Katherine's beautiful families!!! Thanks for sharing your Web sites... If I had a site, I'd share pictures of myself and my husband and our wonderful Green Cheek Conure, Jojo. She's sitting on my hand as I type. Sometimes I think she's just about as much "kid" as I think I can handle... and when she needs a time out, I just put her in the bathroom and shut the door. I don't think you're allowed to do that with a real kid, tempting tho it may be sometimes. :P If you do a google search for green cheeck conure, you can get an idea of what she looks like. I could write for days about her delightful personality...

You can see the house we live in on television! Although the season just ended, they may show reruns this summer ... The Monday nite CBS sitcom Still Standing (starring Mark Addy and Jami Gertz & 3 kids whose names I don't remember) uses (video of) the exterior of our house as the setting. That is, the "Miller family" supposedly lives in our house. We like to watch just so we can say, "Hey, there's our house" when it comes on... as if we couldn't just walk outside and take a look. Fun, huh?

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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That's hilarious, Merrill! I think I'll watch just so that I can say, Hey, that's Merrill's house!

I loved looking at your pictures, Jessica and Katherine. You have such happy looking families. One day I'll get my act together and put some pictures where others can see them. I'm quite proud of my two Golden Retrievers, Duke and Ruby!

Great idea to share.

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I checked out google for an image of a green cheek conure and I must say they are soooo pretty!!

I think that's so cool that your house is on TV!! I've always wondered if they used real houses for the sitcoms. Now I know, and I'll be on the lookout!

I agree about the social reunion- wouldn't it be great?!

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Guest Julia59

What a beautiful son you have! It's nice to see the faces bind the names of this web site.

I have been wanting to send pictures of my animals for a long time---and a picture of my son. My son is no longer a baby though---he's going to be 23, but he is my pride and joy.

I just haven't figured out how to do this web site stuff. I was one of those people who only used a computer for work---and I never played around with anything.

I'm sure my brother can help me---he has tons of experience creating web sites. Huge ones for the Air Force-----------so a little one for me should be easy.

Julie :0)

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