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Medical Alert Bracelet-who On Dinet Makes Them?


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I know someone on Dinet was making bracelets, who are you???? Where do you get the clasps and what is a good thing to string them on that will hold up.

This is the one I want to make, simialar to this one, but I want to make it myself, they cost way to much!


I need pointers on how to do it right.

I am going to order id tag by itself and go from there.


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We talked about this a while back on the chit chat section--you can go to my personal webiste at http://www.missmightymouse.com and then look for the link on the top bar that says make your own bracelet.

Also, I buy many of my beads and supplies from one source, fire mountain gems. http://www.firemountain.com

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for gold and silver, the beads that are closest to the pix you said you liked are 5 or 6mm. For crystals, I go 3mm to 5mm depending on what type of accent I want. For bali spacer beads, I go no larger than 4mm. If you want a graduated look (going from larger in the center to smaller on the ends), start with 5-6mm, and work your way down.

Crimp beads, I typically use the 3x2 or the 2x2. Lobster clasp: medium - or somewhere in the range of 9 to 12 mm.


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