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Oral Solution Ssri


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I've been taking a very small, pratically infant size dose of lexapro. You can only chop up the pill so small before it crumbles. I am taking about 2.5mg..give or take since I can't cut the pill evenly without pieces falling off. The 10mg was too strong and the 5mg also gave me so yucky side effects. I have found that the 2.5 has been doing it,,or at least I think it has.

My dr. gave me the oral solution to take. It is 5mg/5ml He does not know anything about taking the oral solution. I have not changed over to the oral solution yet but want to since the pills are so tough to get the right dose. The pharmacist would not give out much specific info since the recommended amt is 5mg., and it is the dr. who is telling me to take less.

Has or does anyone take such a small dose of ssri and anyone using an oral solution?

As always thanks :);):P

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In order for me to try any new medication for my POTS, I have to use a compounding pharmacy to make the infant doses you describe as I am unforntunately severely reactive. Just call your local pharmacist if you have a question. You probably just need to measure with a teaspoon or something similar. They can give you a syringe without the needle if you need to measure even more specifically. I am glad you found a dosage to help you :)


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Now here's a question I can answer! :)

I take the oral solution of celexa/citalopram. My POTS doc is also a pediatrician, so prescribing this sort of thing is second nature for him. I love it! I have also taken liquid doxepin.

I started at 2 mg of Celexa and just titrated up over time. I am now at 10 mg and doing well that dose.

If 2.5 works for you, I say go for it! I think you will like the liquid so much better and get a more even/exact dose this way.

All you have to do is get some syringes (sometimes the pharmacy will give you a couple of free ones to go with a liquid solution) or you can get a script for the size you want.

Remove the needle. Stick the syringe in the bottle of lexapro. Draw out 2.5 ml (=2.5 mg). Squirt it in your mouth. Swallow. And Voila! You've got your dose of 2.5 that works for you! :)

It is easy then also to titrate up gradually. I started at 2 mg, then went to 5, then 10 over a period of weeks. I DID feel it at 2 mg, so I understand that you are feeling 2.5 mg. You may find that after a while you will be ready to titrate up to 5 mg.

Now, I still take the liquid b/c it doesn't have milk in it like the pill form of Celexa. Am up to a full teaspoon! hahahahaha! I use one of those little measuring spoons you probably use for your kiddos! Those ones that are like a little tube and have the little feet so you can set it down. It is much easier than trying to use a teaspoon and dribble and spill. I can get the right amount better, and it's a cute green frog! :) So, you know, it makes taking Celexa fun! hehehehehe.

I think I calculated the 2.5 mL correctly. Might want to double check with the pharmacist. The pharmacist should be a bit more helpful with getting you the correct syringe size--they come in all sizes from 1 ml up...and you want one that you can easily see the 2.5 mark. So probably the 5 mL size. These are the ones I like.

There really isn't any reason you can't take that tiny dose that I can think of. My PCP is clueless about the liquid form of stuff too, but luckily my pharmacist knows me so well and they all just do what my POTS doc says! :)

Hope this helps! I think you will like the liquid so much better than messing with trying to 1/4 pills and you will get a more even dose from day to day.

When you see how little 2.5 mL of liquid are you will probably get a chuckle...I did when I started the Celexa.


Okay, time to get ready to watch my new fave show on TV...Psych on USA. :)

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Yes! And Psych was extra funny last night! I've never watched Monk, but think I would like it too...can't handle show with violence and stuff, need the light fluffy variety!

Only thing is, I am lucky if I can handle even 1 hour of TV a day without getting sick...so it's so hard to choose!

Glad I could help with the SSRI thing! (Have to keep this response on topic somehow! hahahaha!)


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