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I'm just curious if anyone with a pacemaker has found whether or not it helps with their POTS. I have an arrhythmia and the ablation can't get one of the pathways since it is soo close to my natural pacemaker....If they get that then I would need a pacemaker, basically.

Just curiosu to see if a pacemaker has helped anyone with POTS.


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Please be carefull with this one. I know that the Pacemaker did not make things better for me , it fact now it is worse. My last abltion I had to have a pacer place due to my hreat rate going to low. The thing is your heart still has it own rythem and I still get odd beats, and tacky some times. Please look at some of the old post as I know this one has come up before. I would just be carefull, as I would not want you to fell worse then you are now. As that what happen to me. My qualtiy of life has never been the same since I got my pacer. I don't mean to scare you but talk to your doctor about all the problems woth having pots and a pacemaker, and I would even get a 2nd option before you do anything.


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