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Bp Is Normal

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Hi guys,

Today my bp has been around 106/65 on the Midodrine. My question is...Why am I still feeling like I am going to pass out even on the Midodrine and my BP isn't too bad?? That is actually a high BP for me. I want to call my cardio but I don't know if I should...It sounds weird having my BP normal but feeling like I am going to faint.

Thanks for any info.


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hey there jacquie,

sorry to hear that you feel like passing out. how is your breathing? if you are taking shallow breaths, even if you are not consciously aware of it, that can make you feel like passing out even if your bp is good....i know with pots, breathing troubles occur (i deal with that weekly)......if you arent moving air in and out of your lungs with good breath, blood has a hard time becoming oxygen rich and instead builds up carbon dioxide, which can make you feel light-headed, which can make you feel like passing out...........try to get some good breath's in, deep breath's. it sometimes helps for me...

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