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Working While On Ssdi

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hey folks..

I'm wondering are you able to wrok part time while being on SSI/SSDI? I under stand that we are on disability for ther easons being that we are "termed " unable to work...

But I dont know about anybody else but my sole income is disabilty.. and it is very very hard to live off such a small amount of income every month... though I'm extremely greatful..b/c i've been in the boat where there was no moola coming in!

I'm thinking of something part time from home that i can do in my own time space andframe.. when I'm feeling lucid enough to do it.. I as going to school for medical transcription..

But back to my question.. does anybody know the approximate hours you can work or money you can earn before if is/does affect you benefits?

there is no way on gods green earth that i could go out a work an actually have to be there 9-5 kind of thing... its not that i'm not reliable.. but my pots isnt reliable.... and truthfull i could not handle the demand of having to get here then staying there and trying to interact withpeople when i'm feeling sicker then a dog.. or cant see or think straight.. or heaven forbid.. pass out cold! or paralyse!

working from home would be ideal.. i could ware my pj's and not even brush my hair if i dont feel like it! lol..

thanks a bunch

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This is from the Soc Security website under SSI eligibility. I would be VERY careful about trying to work if you are so limited because though Soc Security says you CAN try to work, it also true they usually use your attempts to claim you can work more and thus don't need the assistance.

A note for people who are blind or disabled

If you work, there are special rules to help you. You may be able to keep getting SSI payments while you work. As you earn more money, your SSI payments may be reduced or stopped, but you may be able to keep your Medicaid coverage.

You also may be able to set aside some money for a work goal or to go to school. In this case, the money you set aside will not reduce the amount of your SSI.

Blind or disabled people who apply for SSI may get free special services to help them work. These services may include counseling, job training and help in finding work.

You can get more information by visiting our website at www.socialsecurity.gov or calling us toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 to get a copy of Working While Disabled?How We Can Help (Publication No. 05-10095).

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The rules are quite different with SSDI as opposed with SSI. You may work up to 20 hours a week or earn up to $800 a month without it affecting your benefits as long as you report in to Social Security if you get SSDI. The info is on the website- they encourage those with disability to attempt to work. They will even give you a trial period of working full-time in some cases. So, read up on their policies and ask a local worker if you have questions. SSI is a different ballgame because it is income based.


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I had a chance to work a job from home, on my laptop. and the phone, in THIRTY MINUTE INCREMENTS a few times a week. FROM MY BED.

I was told by great DISABILITY authority this would be a threat. I haven't worked FULL TIME in 16 years and no part time (3 hrs, three nights a week at my OWN PACE) in 7 years. But with COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT being a huge issue with me, ANY JOB can be seen as GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT.

It is NOT TRUE they ONLY go by the amount of money you work. It is ALSO the activity AND if you work more than nine months. My ss is PEANUTS but I can't afford to risk it with at home work. I went thru a horrible time years ago and my supplement to SS was UNDER $225 /a month at the time. They kept lecturing because I worked LONGER Than 9 months. *sigh* I am too tired to even relive the time or explain it but it was a **** NIGHTMARE.

Sad but true. And with the cutbacks from the administration, look for it to get harder to GET disability and to keep it. Especially if you are on an annual renwal basis.

PATHETIC. I do NOT understand how working1/2 hr increments in my PJs would be the SAME as getting cleaned and dressed and GOING TO A DESTINATION and an UNCONTROLLED environment. Not to mention being UPRIGHT in a bright, noisy stimulating environment.

but that is what I was told from a site with over 2000 members who specialize in this issue.


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I am on Childhood Disability and SSI right now because I am under a PASS plan to get me though college. I have a job and work part time. When I am done with school I will loose the SSI and I will be on SSDI still and I can still work, but I have to make under a certain amount of money I think that it is right now a little over $800.


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What you are saying is correct. On paper SSDI says you can work and earn some money however, it is also true, even under their ticket to work program that this has caused more grief for the people who have tried work even just a few hours a week.

Especially if you are going to do a clerical type job from home---they will most likely attempt to use those skills to show you meet the definition of SGA and thus, discontinue benefits.

It does work really well if you think you can transition from being on disability to working enough hours to make more money than you would on SSDI/SSI but if you are not able to do it past your work trial period then they use the work history against you.

I, at one point was able to successfully return to work for nearly 5 years (of course I lost my SSDI monetary benefits but I remained on Medicare) however, once I got worse to the point I could no longer work I had a much more difficult fight getting my benefits reinstated even though I qualified. The SS office also told me to absolutely stick with the reinstatment because a new claim would definately be denied as they would view my attempts at work even harsher against me.

I have been through this nightmare myself in the past.

Also keep in mind that your work trial period is cummulative over time as well.

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WOW! thanks folks for the reply's.. I was just wondering about all that.. and figured it would be best to post on here and get info from you all verse calling the ssdi office b/c i ddint want a record of that call in ym file for obvious reasons.

I dont think I want to jepardize my benefits.. as I not able to go out and work a full 40 hour a week job.. I have not worked full time in ver 5 years.. and part time in over4 yrs.

My thoughts went to working from home only a few hours aweek or something like that,, where i could be fllexible.. but even that sounds like playing with fire.. oh my!

I was on ssi all thru childhood till i was 18.. and i can say that there is a differenc in regards to additional monies that you bring in aside from ssi.. i worked full and part time on ssi up until i was 18.. then i was booted off ssi.. tried wroking but that didnt go real well.. and now i'm on ssdi.. but bopy did i have to fight for it.

its a shame that benefits are so meager... its so below the poverty line its not even funny.. Where is a rich night in shinnning armor when you need him eh?? to ride up on a white horse and sweep you off your feet...

((((sigh)))) only in fairytale land!! lol.. oh well time for more penny pinching!

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Sorry Dizzygirl.

I had a freind who is staying home with her kid after being a career woman for decades telling me about a home operator job. she knew a lady with fibro who can work at home because if she gets a migraine, she can call in sick with just an hours notice.

Well, you better have a husband or parents to give you money and RISK losing the benefits.

It really IS SAD. And like Poohbear said, any clerical job is bad. I know I had a few days last week, I was getting lost and forgetting what BOOKMARK I wanted to go to next...I really could NOT handle a computer/thinking job and answer the phones for strangers some days.

BUT it was nice to think I could safely try. I hear you have living WAY below the poverty line. And heaven forbid you have a couple dollars in a mutual fund or Saving account that puts you over the limite for assistance. even though it matters not ONE WHIT that even if you USEd your savings, they would be gone in a couple of years.

Something screwy about the system. But if I were younger and sneezed out a baby tomorrow, BAM, foodstamps, free medicine, etc. But if you are sick, and on mediCare, it's tough.

Sorry to give you such bad news but better to know before hand than to gamble.'

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