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If It Weren't For Bad Luck

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Why oh why is every single Neurologist I've ever been to such a pain in the neck (or body part of your choice)??

I've been trying to reach my "current" Neuro about this whole POTS thing for well over a week now. I thought that it might be nice to keep him in the loop and I was also hoping that he might know something about it so that I wouldn't have to change Neuro's AGAIN once I'm officially DX on Thursday. (According to my PCP, who is getting the EKG results faxed to him daily, this is pretty much a slam dunk. Although, I know better than to hang my hat on that, yet!!) Anyway, I can't seem to get the guy to call me back!!! This is the reason why I switched to him in the first place. My last Neuro never would return my phone calls either. Then, to top it off, I've left him my phone number about 10 times (okay, exageration, more like 4) and he called me back yesterday on my mobile number. Now, for a normal person this might be fine, but I'm a stay at home Mom and only have my cell phone on if I'm out and about. It lives in my car for God's sake. So, of course, I got the message this morning that he left last night........ON MY BLOODY CELL PHONE!!!! So what do I do? I call him back at his office and leave my message AGAIN. Do I hear back from him? NO!!!!!!!! It's after five now and his office is closed (I just called him).

The worst part is that the doc that's getting all my results and that is my PCP is literally two doors down from Neuro in the same Medical building. They nearly share a wall!!!!! However, I don't think that it's my primary doc's responsiblity to call my Neuro for me, is it???

I know that I'll need follow up care with a Neuro regardless of the outcome of my tests this week. I still have a Thymoma and there's still a good chance that I have MG, too!!! I really don't want to switch docs again!!!!

For the love of all that is holy, is there not one good Neurologist in all of Colorado????


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Sorry to hear things are not ging right for you. I have found that more gets donw if my family doctor calls then if I call all thought last week my doctor called cleveland 3 times and now he is on vaction go I have to wait two weeks. I have found that do what ever you can to get you answers you need. Call yourself, have you doctor call, and don't give up. I hope you hear from him soon!

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I am lucky in the respect that my doctors call back the same day, all of them...Neuro, Cardio/EP, PCP, GI Doc......

I do think that your doctor should be talking to your neuro. If my docs do it (most of them are in Boston and have to call my docs that are miles away) then I would think most would want to have communication, doctor to doctor, so they know exactly what's going on...

Anyhow, I hope you get the phone call your looking for back! :rolleyes:

Oh, also did you try looking on DINET's Physician page??? There may be some other docs listed in Colorado.


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