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Loss Of Taste

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Hey everyone,

Over the past few months I have noticed foods not tasting quite the way they used to. This may be strange but I wasn't sure if anyone else experienced it. For example: I bought a Twix bar the other day and it just didn't pack the same punch it usually does. And the pizza I always buy tastes....off. It is difficult to convey exactly what I mean. I can sum it up by saying it feels like I have lost some of my taste. Anyone have any comments? I appreciate anything.


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Not likely related to pots at all--

more likely: some injury or insult to the nerve that handles smell, which is where all the "punch" as well as subtleties of taste come from. Most common cause is a viral infection that injures the olfactory nerve, according to my ENT and my Neuro.

If this is a recent, sudden change, it's something to see your doctor immediately about. Steroids can halt progression of the loss--which I wish I had known months ago. Too late for me.


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