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Trying To Stay Positive..


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Hello All,

Well things are going about the same. I am trying to stay positive, and focus get on today, but I find it hard to do sometimes.

My mom found out she is going to have 4 months on chemo, and they are putting in a central line on Monday. She is going to Mayo on the 27 and 28 for a 2nd option on cancer treatment. She is doing much better, but is very overwhelmed at how much her life has changed in the last month. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Today I had an appointment at Work force Development to see what kind of work I could get, since I was told I could work from SSDI. The said the due to my health and dyslexia it going to almost impossible to get a job. They can?t believe I didn?t get approved they told me to get a lawyer, which was the same thing they said when I called and set up the appointment. So now it?s just a waiting game again. I feel better at least knowing I have tried everything to work, and to get SSDI. It?s no it the hand of my lawyer, and SSDI.

As of today I am still waiting to hear from the doctor on what we are going to do for treatment from hear. They are holding this week?s procrit until they hear from Cleveland. I am really starting to get worried at the muscle pain is not letting up. Also tonight I was trying to write with my hand and they begin to shake again, it starting to happen more. The headaches are still coming too. I still have the normal dizziness and lightness and sleeping about 14-16 hours a day now. Do any of you have mussel pain, muscle movement for no reason and shaking hands? Is this just a POTS thing, or do you thing it is more?

So for going on, I am just really worried, I just want to have a life again. I know I should feel lucky as it could always be worse, but its so hard to stay positive!

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Staying positive is a tough job in itself and you are trying to do just that. You have a full plate now with worrying about your mom and your work situation etc.

I get random muscle and/or joing pain. I never really associated it with anything except that it was probably my bodies way of handling the stress of whatever I am going through. It is amazing how your body talks to you.

I hope things turn around for you and you are successful with the ssdi and I keep your Mom in my prayers.

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Guest sonotech

I can only imagine how tough things are for you right now. It is hard to "be strong" for someone else when you find it hard enough to "be strong" for yourself!

I will definately keep you AND your mom in my prayers and thoughts!!

I have noticed that my hands (and sometimes arms) start shaking when I get tachycardia and/or my BP drops really low. Of course you would want to make sure it isn't blood sugar related also.

I do get muscle pain also, but I have EDS so I have always assumed that was the cause.

I am sorry about the SSDI issue, it is so frustrating that they deny the people who really need it.

I am sure that your mom is in good hands with the docs at Mayo, and remember to take care of YOURSELF also, so that you CAN be there for your mom!


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