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Oh !....how cool, sat and had a good laugh at them all .

We used to have a dog up until last November when we had to have our dearest Goldie put to sleep, she had come to me as a birthday present from my husband and son the year before , I picked her ............. no I will rewrite that , she picked me out at a dogs re-homing centre. :P our eyes met and 'that was it ' no turning back .

When we first got her she was so thin her ribs and hips bones stuck out of her body , she had hardly any hair and couldnt keep a meal in her .............one way or another. :(

I had to beg the vet to let me take her home after the re homing centre just didn't think she would make it from all the abuse she had suffered from her previous owners. It was a case of the drugs helping body , but her out look on life was holding her back .

When she came home we washed her for the first time ever and discovered she was exactly like a female fox in all ways !!!:(

Many months on and you wouldn't have recognized her , she played for the first time ever , and don't jump and hide when someone new came into the room..............she stuck by my side day and night every single day she was with me , she knew , she dont have to ask , my love for her was as her love for me.

When I became really unwell.............so did she and it was in last August that we discovered that she also had heart problems ( same drug as myself ) but soon her vomitting and diarrhea came back and her weight plummeted again .................it was then we discovered she had cancer and I had to make the awful decision to let her go .

I still think sometimes she is in the bedroom with me watching me type my book sitting there with her big green eyes staring up at me saying' thats it mum, write it all down , I'm here watching you do it right'

My new book is dedicated to my ' little shadow ' Goldie who came into my life when I needed her the most , gave so much and left me with a smile .

Love to you girl always ................Willows.

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