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Dysautonomia Doent Cause Gi Problems???? What!!!

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Hi flks I had my colonoscopy today.... and they knocked me completely out.. still feeling quite dopey..

But I spoke with the GI doc before I left to come home and he said well I think you just have some IBS.. I'm like UH NO.. I think that it is abit more involved the IBS... and I tryied talking to him about dysautonomia affected my digestion and GI track as a whole.. and he told me that Dysautonomia is NOT affecting or causing my GI distress.. I was Like HOLY CRAP!! where the **** did his degree come from a cracker jack box!--in terms of dyautonomia knowledge.. I think I am going to have to drop some reading materials off to him!! alot of it!! and his staff too!

I was thinking...like well now my potsy friend s are going to be happy to hear that "Dysuatonomia" does not cause GI problems! WOW

He told me that if I continue to have "REAL" problems that I can call his office and they can try some medications.. and that he has found that after patients with IBS have a colonoscopy.. that there GI problems "go away".. what is up with that!!

I dont call what I go thru something that is all in my head... I have had these kinda of problems since I was a small small child.. and treatment for IBS didnt help then ..it did not help when I was 17..and I'm sure that it wont help now!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I was so dopey on meds that I couldnt get mad.b/c I could barely hold my head up!

So needless to say that doc is fired! gotta find a new one..Cleveland here I come!

but just thought that you all would love to hear that POts doesnt cause our (and mine) tummy's to hurt!!

that is a bunch of Bull!!

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Guest Julia59

Doesn't he know the the ANS also affects out digestion????-----ding, ding, ding.

See if you can have some GI testing for motility----eat some of those yummy radio active scrambled eggs, and have the gastric motility test. It's an easy test---and the eggs, just taste like eggs. Too bad I don't like eggs much, so I had to hurry a bit eating them. I absolutely hate yolks---I only eat egg whites. Scrambled aren't too bad, so it wasn't horrible---LOL.

Hang in there----gosh---another one bites the dust............

Maybe a colonoscopy may not show a actual motility issues----big guess here.........



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Hi Julie

I ate radio active eggs here not too long ago.. and they said that it came back normal.. I asked him today before i was put under if.. the fact that I wasnt symptomatic around the time I did the test if that would play a role into things.. and he said..

however a fellow potsy told me a while back that it could!

i dont know.. I get tired of hearing the "its all in your head" crud!! its not all in my head.. none of it is!!

I think when I see my potsy doc again that I am going to talk to him about a gi doc who has knoweledge of treating potsy w/ the GI respect.. as I'm about to scream!!!!!!!!

apparently it is allright to go for days with out being able to eat or drink.. and to puke your guts up and all the other lovely things that come along with GI track...

Julie those radio acive eggs are really yellow arent they?? I kept thinking when I had to eat them that they were so darn yellow that they reminded me of danilions (the color)!!!! I started to laguh when I thought of this... and the tech is like whats so funny? so I told him.. and he smiled and cracked a joke..

can you get testing done to see if you have blood pooling in your abdomen?? maybe causing some of the problems?..anyone know??

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Hey Linda,

Sorry you aren't being taken seirously by your doc! That is SO frustrating. Even if you did have IBS, it still does not "go away" after a colonoscopy. It has to be treated, and often times it can be debilitating even with treatment! Obviously you seem to have a lot more going on than IBS. I hope you can find a doc who can help!

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I was told that too after a colonoscopy but continued to puke at one end and bleed at the other if I went near wheat or milk. Clearly your man is a dufus or plain silly. It's been proven that people with POTS are more likely to have food intolerances and it's indeed very strange how I am absolutely fine if I don't eat those foods!

Keep pudhing for answers, but not with this particular muppet!

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yeah i agree! I stay away from bread and pasta and potato's for the most part b/c i dont tolerate them very well... they make me feel OH so SICK! and OH SO VERY VERY POTSY!!.. I remember i ate spaghetione night.. and after eating it i thought i was going to die!!!

So if I do eat any past or bread or potao's.. I eat sparringly and in small amounts....same thing with meats.. i do not digest or handle eating meeet very well at all..especially pork and beef!.. or any dark meat.. UGHIE!

I'm going to start looking outside of tht own i live in b/c docs just dont know what to do for me... and once they cover the basics.. (not all docs here but most i have ran across).. that is it.. and if they cant find the casue for something tis automatically all in my head!!!!

I have a good pcp and cardio here!

so the search and looking for the puzzle to be put toether is still on...

geesh it feels like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!!

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Guest Belinda

Umm some of these docs are out of there minds...HEEEELLLLLLLOOOOO?????? Honestly my gastroparesis was one fo the first things that was actually :) diagnosed..after haveing so much chest pain and so much discomfort...I cannot believe these docs. someone just posted about this recently read DSM3Kidz post recently on GI and can't remember..a autonomic doc on the list told her the same thing.

I was told by one of the best docs. in the world that our entericws systems are part of the autonomic systems....tell that to the GI.

Bahhh humbug..but glad you made it through girly..girl I was thinking of you!!!

I just have the nice chest pain back again...UGGGGG!! ;)


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Hi BEE!!

Yeah I am going to rpint off some information about pots and the digestion stuff and take a brochure.. and hand dilver it to his office.. after all its only 1 block from my appartment! I can "wheel" over.. LOL--and gastro paresis--shoot..scan my tummy on a day when I doubled over in pain.. and am broken out in a sweat and have the chills and tachycardia!!!!!!! HELLO! geesh!

But yeah what I was told is just play old STUPID and IGNORANT!!!!!!!.. that best doc in the world mmmy money is on that doc for honesty and reliability!! that is for sure!

Yes I made it thru yesterday--- I was dopey all day..

I decided that I'm going to call vandy today.. and see if i cant get a clinic appoint w/ robertson.. and go from there...


I'm soorry that you chest pain is back are you throwing pvc's again???

PLEASE take care bee

HUgs to you too!!


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Yeah, that's a bunch of bull-hockey because your guts are mediated by your nervous system and any GI who believes otherwise is not worth of the paper their MD is printed on.

Time to find a doc with a CLUE. Vanna, we'll take a clue please, for one dollar?


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