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Catecholamine Test Results


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I got my blood catecholamine test results from Vanderbilt other day and I was surprised at the findings. I went in thinking my levels would be low since I felt so bad and suffer from biochemical depression but this is what they found out.

supine dhpg 1418 upright 2966

supine ne 456 upright 2139

supine dopa 1978 upright 2435

supine epi 27 upright 47

supine dopac 2400 upright 3086

supine da 8 upright da 35

supine renin .5 upright renin 2

supine aldo less than 2.5 upright also 8.8

I have not deciphered this yet except that my norepinepherine is super high and if I am reading it right only 10 percent of pots patients have ne above 2000. Perhaps those of us in the top ten percent should have a special smilie designed for us. Serioulsy I am not sure of the meaning. I am going to a neurologist at the University of Virginia so I am hoping he will shed some light. They also found I had small fiber neuopathy, that is the main reason I am going to UVA.

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I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but I know I have high catecholamines too...which I guess classifies me as hyperadregenic. What's wierd is that I don't respond well to Xanax (as in SEVERE hypotension), which I believe is a common treatment for hyperadregenic POTS.

Hopefully UVA will shed some light on these numbers for you :blink:

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According to the Baker Institute in Melbourne, Australia - most POTS patients have elevated NE due to impaired NE re-uptake. THey have demonstrated that in all POTS patients tested the subjects had nearly no NE transporter protein because the gene that promotes it is hypermethylated.

This study I assume will be published very soon.

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