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  1. I am no drug authority but since these drugs are designed to increase blood pressure it is possible that they are not good for someone with severe heart disease. Some people get very high blood pressure from midodrine when lying down. Your doctor should investigate and not just tell you he doesn't know.
  2. Blue: I use to be allergic to the usual pollens and stuff like that. Now I have a whole list of food that I am allergic to which was not allergic to before. They say that the meat allergy is spreading and probably affect a fourth of the population in 5-10 years. People who are outdoors a lot will get hit the hardest.
  3. Yeah, those of us over 50 really don't have pots anymore, it just that we have gone senile and think we still have it. I really shouldn't joke like that because I suspect someone will be told that in all seriousness by their doctor. I am 58 and have had pots since my late teens. I am male. The condition still keeps changing; my latest new symptom is frequent Anaphylactic reactions (17 so far this year). I have tested negative for high tryptase during these reactions so mcad is not being considered. They have found that I am allergic to meat except for fish and fowl. This is the result o
  4. I believe the brain has the same ability as the rest of the body to shunt blood flow from less vital areas to keep the vital functions of the brain going. I can't remember where I read that so I can't state this as anything other than my opinion. I have a high iq but with this condition I rarely function at that level. I can be just sitting and I feel like a drain has been opened at the base of my skull and I feel the life drain out of me. It just happened a minute ago. Afterwards I have memory problems, and am in a daze. Speach problems are also a problems as well as trying to write so
  5. Usually a pulse pressure below 20 is considered low. It means the heart is not perfusing the body properly. People with chronic heart failure often have low pulse pressure. In our case our hearts are fine but not enough blood is returning to the heart to ensure adequate circulation. In my case it is due to severe pooling. Low blood volume can also cause it. I have the same thing where I get days or a set of days where I just can't seem to get off the bed ; my pulse pressure would be below 12. My doctor started me on Florinef to help with this. Florinef didn't really help me with pots in
  6. My edocronologist put me on metformin which helps. Also eating a high protien diet helps. I have heard and read about how reactive hypoglycemia does not exist but this is a case of doctors not beleiving the patient and just looking at what they see in the lab. My blood sugar does fall below 60 and can either stay that low until I eat or bounce back up on its own. There have been times where I have taken my blood sugar in a series of tests that are a minute a part and have found it jumping back and forth by as much as 40 to 60 points in a minute with symptoms. Katieindixie I hope they hav
  7. I have tried to read this whole thread but I am too add at the moment to cover the whole thing; so I apologize if I start stating something already said. That said I think this is a marvelous thread. I have a feeling a lot of us suffer with the fight or flight symptoms and are afraid to bring them out because of fear of being thought of as having psych problems. That is my feeling anyway. Before I was diagnosed with pots I was sent to a psychiartrist because my symptoms were considered caused by depression. I did not feel depressed at the time. When I was given a tricyclic norepinephrine
  8. I see him also and I am 55. He is very innovative and is always trying different combos of meds and other types of treatment. He is also very caring and listens. Best doctor I have found in Virginia.
  9. This is a topic that is near and dear to me since hypoglycemia almost got me put in jail and I was misdiagnosed as bipolar. I took the 72 hour fast and was told that I was normal except that I was insulin resistant. However, during the fast there was a time when I felt euphoric and took my glucose with my glucometer. It read low. I called the nurse but she could not come right away and by the time she arrived it was back in the normal range. The reason I was taking the test is because the same thing had happend on a 2 day fast previously. I was fasting to get rid of a stomach bug and ca
  10. I just got a letter from Vanderbilt asking if I wanted to come back for a study on hypovolemia. I would like to go but this year doesn't look promising with too many things going on.
  11. I was a paid firefighter and had problems with pots before but it became disabling during a fire. I could not breath, did not have the strength to move the hose forward toward the seat of the fire. I had to actually leave the floor. After that I had no confidence that my body would perform when I needed it. The final straw came when I was helping another fire station with some construction. It was a hot day and I was soaked from sweat, throwing up and heart skipping. Even though my job was just to fetch tools I was completely exhausted and knew if we caught a fire that night I wouldn't b
  12. The high protein diet and metformin helped me immensley. I've found that even eating a fruit in the morning gives me trouble.
  13. It would be good to have it checked out. Last year I started having abdominal pain and thought it was just another pots symptom. I fooled around with it for 8 months and finally went to the er where I was told it was gallstones. The trouble is that wasn't the cause and the problem continued after my gallbladder was removed. I still put off going back to the doctor until I had to go back to the emergency room 2 more times because of the pain. The emergency room misdiagnosed me both times but the follow up found I had a paraesophageal hernia which is when the stomach pushes through a hole i
  14. From what I have seen; pots can cause severe depression in some people when it first appears or even later on if the condition worsens. My daughter suddenly became severely depressed when she first got pots. At the time we didn't know if the increase of the standing heart rate was due to the meds she was on or to pots. We had to wait a couple of years before we could get her diagnosed with pots. I went through a less severe episode the year I first started showing pots symptoms.
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