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Update On Stomach, Talked To Doc

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So today has been HORRIBLE so far for me. I woke up with my period along with massive cramps, nausea, etc. I have only been able to eat 1 piece of bread. I'm not sure if my stomach is causing the severe nausea or my period....I called my GI doc because my stomach doesnt seem to be doing any better and he is going to call in Reglan.

Does anyone here take Reglan?? Any info. is appreciated about your experiences.... Also, I'm curious if it would help with nausea IF it is related to my period.

I'd do a search on the subject but I feel very sick :) ...

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Some people it doesn't bother at all. We used to give it regularly to people after surgery.

However it can either make you very sleepy or very ansty. It is a good anti nausea drug, just has some side effects for some people. We also prescribed it for morning sickness.... I took it a long time ago and I got very sleepy with it.

My son had the opposite reaction, so until you try it, you just don't know. good luck, hope the nausea gets better...morgan

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I hated Reglan. Hmm One drug that I could tolerate and did NOT make me sick. How ever it made me very mean and phsycotic (sp?) feeling. I could not handle it more than 3 days. It is supposed to help with nausea and also stomach motility. I wish it did not make me feel so meanand such. I would of loved to of known if it would of helped with my motility and gut problems.

Corina (hopeful-girl)

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