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Ans Disorder - Called Pps???

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I was just diagnosed with a Autonomic Nervous System Disorder called Paradoxical Parasympathetic Syndrome (PPS). They diagnosed it by an ANSAR test.

It is just a brand new thing that just came out identified by Dr. Joe Colombo.

Has anyone heard of it...

The only thing I know about it is the little they told me... symptoms of anziety/panic disorder, restless leg syndrome, GERD (which from what she told me is stomach problems like gastritis...), irritable bowel syndrome, and sleep disorders.

They main reaction they recorded was during deep breathing my heart rate and blood pressure freaked out. Thereby indicating they disorder...

Mind you all of these symptoms just say POTS to me so to have another Disgonsis as ANS-PPS for sympotoms that are all POTS seems to me weird... Especially when I had the test on a really good POTS day (I was able to stand the whole 5 mintues with my heart only going to about 94 - amazing)

Anyway... Anyone else heard of it...

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No I haven't heard of it.

What specialty of physician diagnosed you?

What is an ANSAR test? Is it the deep-breathing you talked about?

I'm surprised that there would be a different new disorder identified unless it had different mechanisms or causes and treatments.

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I have more questions and no answers...sorry :rolleyes:

How did you do the deep breathing for the test? And how did your heart rate and blood pressure "freak out"?

And did they tell you what was supposed to happen in a normal person?

At any rate, I am sorry that you are so confused. One diagnosis per person should be more than enough, but it hardly ever works that way, does it?


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If you have ever has an Autonomic test before the ANSAR test is very similar to that but a lot less complicated. You sit in a car with an ekg hooked up to you and a blook pressure chuff. That are then connected to a computer that run the data through different data and charts.

They have you rest, stand up, and breathe in (through nose) for 5 seconds and out (through mouth) for 5 seconds (very deeply) for like 15-20 times trying to get you to hyperventilate (i think), you also have to bear down really hard severly times in a row...

I'm not exactly sure what happened to indication the PPS. But they mentioned cardiovasular stress and hypertension. So, I'm assuming my heart rate and blood pressure increased. I started to black out, was very nasueate and dizzy. And they pasued the test for me to recooperate.

They didn't tell what would have happened in a normal person but I would assume asking anyone we know to perform the same thing and watching should tell us. I know that deep exaggerated breathing always does this to me.

The person who had the test done was an Endocrinologist - however they persformed the test and gave me the data they said with the complexity of my case that they normally only use it one Diabetes patients and people with Thyroid dieases because they tend to have Autonomic problems so they thought (since they are into research) that it would be insterested to do on me. So they are just going to refer me back to the Mayo Clinic and my regular Neurologist to handle it. For treatment... I guess they have used nortiptyline (unsure of why...) with success with Diabetes and Thyroid patients with PPS, however, because of my history and complexity they are uncomfortable with any treatment...

Futurehope - "I'm surprised that there would be a different new disorder identified unless it had different mechanisms or causes and treatments."

I'm surprised by this too... That's why I'm wondering if they just don't know about POTS... When I was given they diagnosis I told her about POTS and she was like okay I pass that along to Dr. Colombo. i'm hoping he'll have a clue since he came up with PPS... And I'm with you, WHAT'S Different? I personally have already been on Nortiptyline. - For headaches - ANYONE ELSE? I don't know...

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I have come across this in my own reading/research but can't recall enough right now to even share it.

Seems to me that as these disorders are studied more and more, there will be fine-line delineations between the disorders. Such distinction could possibly lead to understanding and even more effective treatments.

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There is some work pending that relates to parasympathetic activity and its relation to POTS and cerebral blood flow.

Well, it will be interesting to read when there's some substantive that's out there. This does fit my daughter, on surface level. Irritable bowel, GERD and fatigue. Two of my kids are already diagnosed as NCS and two others have migraine with aura. Seeing a pattern?

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